Love is definitely something truly wonderful. This emotion is in fact one of the finest, if not the most beautiful of all, to share with the person you love and that makes the heart beat us. In any copy ratio is important not only to understand each other and get along, but also live it the moments of intimacy in the best way possible. In this guide we will see how in fact enhance the male orgasm.

The first tip is definitely the one in case you face daily the love with your partner, take a few days off, maybe two or three days, to raise a lot of desire. This will make it even more enjoyable orgasm will try once we have our relationship. It is also important to avoid the day that we have the relationship of drinking soft drinks high in caffeine, alcohol and carbonated drinks, as they may in some cases prejudicing the natural erection of the penis. If you smoke to look for in these two days of quitting smoking, smoking is in fact due to impotence or a lower duration of the relationship. By quitting smoking, we will have a healthier erection and above all much more durable.


To maximize the pleasure in orgasm, it is important not to ejaculate immediately but instead try as much as possible to stop the ejaculation. Longer you hold the ejaculation, the more the amount of sperm present increases, producing a copious ejaculation, especially an intense pleasure in humans. It is then important to stimulate during all phases of the relationship the point l in humans that is located precisely at the base of the penis. To do this, our partners can stimulate this point with the touch of a finger and using a cream massage, readily available in supermarkets in the para-pharmacy department. It is advisable to keep this point also pressed for more time in order to guarantee man the ultimate pleasure.

The board is also the first to start a relationship of being a sensual or erotic film with his partner, in case you feel a strong erection, we can stop for a few minutes the movie and maybe distract us doing nothing. Performing this operation on several occasions it is possible to effectively stimulate the penis and help you be a maximum performance as entertain our relationship. Also this procedure will gradually release more sperm to ‘internal pipeline of such a body, acting like described you will have some wonderful moments together with our partners. Definitely make love with the person we love will give us enormous joy and positive emotions .