From convivial moments with family and friends to commercials with testimonials of success, alcohol is often present element and symbol of happiness, cheerfulness and good humor as well as allowing the celebration of the moments of celebration. Sometimes, however, you can lose in taking control of this substance, providing considerable damage, especially in certain stages of life. But what are the effects of alcohol on the body? Let’s find out in this article.


Taken in high doses alcohol acts like a real drug that can alter the intellectual capacity of the individual who makes use of it because of its effects toxic once it enters the bloodstream into the body. The alcohol, or ethanol, has a aphasic action on the nervous system as central if it is ingested in limited quantities tends to produce euphoria and reduce inhibitions; in higher doses, however, has a depressant effect on the central nervous system, causing disorientation and difficulty in articulating words to be able to induce anesthesia and coma in severe cases.

Ethanol introduced into the body determined a significant energy input without producing any nourishment; For this reason, the body tends to metabolize this substance, which can then neutralize and expel it quickly. The alcoholism, or chronic abuse of alcohol, may result in substantial physical damage to the internal organs; also prolonged intake of this substance may cause effects on the body affecting in particular the stomach, liver, pancreas and cardiovascular system: what can trigger repercussions in the medium to long term as gastritis or permanent, such as liver cirrhosis.

Several factors may contribute to the different consequences of ingestion of ethanol; among them, must be taken into consideration body weight, sex, age, mode of recruitment and type of alcoholic beverages hired. In women, for example, the body of which is richer in fat and less fluid, alcohol consumed tends to focus more blood than men; even the younger and older people tend to metabolize alcohol at a slower pace. Also, wines are usually metabolized faster than other alcoholic beverages such as beers.