Sometimes the value of foodstuffs that are easily available around us is unappreciated and we tend to believe only the ones that are expensive and seldom obtained are the best for us. Carrots are one such food that you can find all the year round and enjoy in many ways- in soups, vegetables, salads, sizzlers and in delectable desserts. These juicy tubers often go unrecognized despite the number of health advantages they bestow. Read on and you will never look at carrots the same way.

Best source of vitamin A

As per website, the much needed fat soluble vitamin A can be found in great profusion in carrots. Most vitamin A in carrots is found in the form of Beta- carotene, a precursor to vitamin A and the compound responsible for the red- orange color of carrots. Beta carotene is also an antioxidant that destroys damaging free radicals, thereby defending us against a number of ailments. A small serving of raw carrots is enough to give you the daily recommended dietary vitamin A required by the body. Vitamin A is a much needed dietary component as its deficiency leads to cataracts, dryness in eyes and in some cases, blindness.

Dietary Fiber and vitamin C

Carrots are not just vitamin A reservoirs. They also have substantial amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber and vitamin C. A half cup serving of carrots can make up for as much as 10% of a person’s daily recommended fiber needs. It is an established fact that soluble fiber reduces the chances of hypertension and diabetes and insoluble fiber prevents bowel problems. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, another powerful antioxidant is found in fresh carrots and helps maintain good immunity and lowers risk of many diseases.

More reasons to eat carrots

Carrots are much more than vitamin storehouses. For radiant skin and healthy hair, go on a carrot- rich diet and you will see visible differences. Carrots also make a good component of salad- whether eaten raw, steamed or just topped with your preferred dressing. They also provide calcium, though not in as much abundance as vitamin C. Calcium is necessary for bone and teeth development and other physiological functions. They are great supplements for preventing osteoporosis, a kind of bone weakening disease. Natural detoxifiers, carrots help flush out toxins from your system owing to their high antioxidant content. Some compounds in this tasty tuber are also known to have anti- cancer effects. Their anti-hypertensive effective is due to the presence of the element potassium, which helps in maintaining the sodium balance in blood. The alkaline elements in carrots help maintain acid- alkaline balance in body.

Though they are best eaten fresh and raw, carrots can be included in diet plans in a variety of ways to avoid boredom. From traditional recipes to an amateur’s experiment, carrots’ versatility in making foodstuffs taste great and healthy makes them find way in all kitchens. It is up to you to explore how this modest tuber pleases your taste buds.