Many women are prone to water retention, this is due to high blood pressure or poor circulation of the lymphatic system, others complain of bloating, both issues need to intervene. In the first case, we will adopt a low salt diet and the use of draining substances (drugs and herbal teas ), while in the second case ( swollen belly ), we will have to adopt other methods that we will see later. Let’s see what are the drinks that help to deflate the abdomen.

The bloating may be due to several causes: food allergies or intolerance, the consumption of foods that tend to ferment, producing gas, such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, dairy products and some cheeses in particular, each subject will also struggle to digest certain foods, perhaps because of a lack of specific enzymes, this will result in a delay in the digestion and consequently the fermentation of food, with relative formation of “air”. In these cases, the abdomen swells and presents a prominence more or less accentuated, what occurs in both male and female subjects, while the water retention affects, with greater frequency, the female sex.


First, use could be made โ€‹โ€‹of extracts of coal available in pharmacies, substances that help to expel the air and eliminate the annoying noise. Second, we will do well to avoid foods that cause us such a disorder, in the first all soft drinks and beverages carbonated drinks, including water. These drinks being spiked with gas, contribute to intensify the disorder. Finally, we can avail ourselves of the use of effective herbal teas .

Among the most useful herbal teas to deflate the belly , adopted also for newborn babies and colic to which they are subject, remember the tea fennel can buy a little ‘loose in prepared herbal medicine, or buy ready-made bags available in many supermarkets well supplied. Other herbal teas very valid that in addition to deflate have a real detoxifying action on the body, are infused artichoke seeds, available in herbal medicine, green tea which is also an effective antibacterial, rich in many beneficial properties, the tea peppermint, which you can purchase herbal or alternatively produce yourself cultivating planting peppermint which you will dry the leaves Finally, I remind the infusion of apple, pleasant to drink and easy to prepare.