When you’re suffering through the strange emotional trauma of hair loss, every moment can feel like you’re going through it alone. Sure, maybe your partner or your friends have tried to reassure you that it happens to everyone, but there’s no way they understand what you’re going through –you may even find yourself thinking that they’re just trying to make you feel better. Nobody knows the blows that hair loss can deal to your self-confidence; nobody knows how it feels to look in the mirror and see someone unfamiliar, who doesn’t look the way you think you look.Hair-Loss

In the past, some patients suffering from hair loss were given medications to treat their problem, but nowadays, many suggest that medications can often be the cause of premature hair thinning. For example, any kind of imbalance or abnormality in a person’s thyroid hormones can cause hair loss, whether the hormone is in excess or the patient is experiencing a deficiency, but medications that can be taken to correct these imbalances can cause disruptions of normal physical processes like hair growth as well. Certainly medications like those given to chemotherapy patients, cause temporary baldness as well, although hair typically regrows after the therapy is stopped. Medications prescribed for seizures and mood disorders, including the antidepressants so many of us take these days can cause thinning of the hair as well.

Of the contemporary treatments for hair loss available on today’s market, there are obvious benefits and some small drawbacks to each. A hair transplant is a minor surgical procedure that involves removing hair from one area on one’s head (usually the sides), and then implanting it into the “problem areas” where hair may no longer be growing. This process can be extremely effective, but naturally some people are concerned about the effects a surgery could have on their body or on their life, as there is some recovery time involved. For these people, Laser Light Therapy might be a better option; this treatment increases the blood flow to a person’s scalp and stimulates the growth of fuller and healthier hair shafts. A similarly noninvasive procedure, carboxytherapy, achieves similar means through an injection of Carbon Dioxide into the scalp.

For those who want a treatment that’s even less invasive but still works wonders to treat the problem, many hair loss clinics will be able to provide natural treatments such as topical creams and shampoos, or even custom hairpiece systems that consist of artificial or human hair attached to your natural hair shafts. No matter what your choice of method is, you can rest assured knowing that there is help available out there from reputable clinics such as Micron Laboratories (find them at http://www.micronlabs.com). Don’t suffer in silence – find your way to a hair loss clinic and start living your life again.