The mind is one of the mechanisms that are more complicated and difficult to manage. It can often happen to be captured by a single thought that we can not take away from the head. This provokes in us a sense of discomfort and difficulty to express themselves. The only way to solve this problem is to rely on the art of distraction, or try something that can distract us from that fixed idea that so puts our mind in chaos . Here today I will show you, in 5 basic steps as distract the mind from a fixed idea. For this guide I will entrust to a scheme that is called SWORD.

the mind

S: smile . The smile is a fundamental part of our lives, because it makes us in a good mood and increases our brain activity , keeping it in constant motion, allowing us to dedicate ourselves to a lot more things, leaving aside the bad thoughts that occupied us for too long . Obviously, the smile must not be forced, otherwise the discomfort is even more pronounced than before. Try to do things that make you feel good and that will give satisfaction to the point of belittling many times. Only then you can chase away the bad thoughts.

P: thought. As already said from the beginning, the only purpose is to put aside the negative thoughts and focus on the ones that make our mind more relaxed. So, given that the brain is able to focus on a single thought at a time, try to think of something positive, maybe a moment of your life, it can overwhelm the negativity of your thought fixed . You can also try to think of someone who is very important for you and that makes you in a great mood to begin with.

A: action. Do activities and keep engaged the mind is a great way to distract us from evil thoughts. I do a lot of gymnastics tips and keep the body in motion, so that the brain is more concentrated to control your body rather than your mind.

D: Dialogue. Talk and confide in someone sometimes it’s the simplest way to ease the grip of fixed thoughts. It took even five minutes with a person you know to feel better already. On the contrary, we can be the ones to encourage someone who maybe is in the same position, so as to encourage us to do the same for ourselves.

A: listening. Last but not least, is to listen to someone who needs it. How many times it happens that a person we care needs us at a particular time? Many. That is why we must always be ready to act as a support for both of us, but especially to be who we face.