Addiction has an uncanny way of taking over every aspect of your life.  From the time you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night, your only thought may revolve around scoring a hit or taking a drink.  Your life is no longer yours but belongs solely to the addiction you continue to foster.

When you are ready to reclaim your life, you might wonder how and where to get started in pursuing sobriety.  Your options may include checking into a detox center, entering an outpatient program at a hospital, or making use of the resources at harmony ridge recovery center.  You can decide what one is the best choice for you by doing your research online first.

Discovering and Taking Advantage of the Path

Understanding the Treatment Choices

If you are new to rehab and the whole concept behind it, you may not know at first what your treatment options are.  You may think that you have to check yourself in and stay there for months at a time.  In reality, you have a number of different choices, effective addiction treatment programs, and opportunities available to you.

It is true that you can enter into a long-term program that may last up to a month or sometimes longer depending on the severity of your addiction.  During your time in the program, you will spend your days working with a team created for and assigned to you.  They will work with you to uncover the reasons for why you are abusing drugs and also offer medical treatment to help you get past the physical ravages of drug and alcohol addiction.

The inpatient program is designed to let you take your time in getting better.  You are not rushed into sobriety but instead allowed to work toward it at your own pace.  At the same time, you have a team of licensed medical professionals guiding you through the process so you do not get overwhelmed by obstacles to your recovery.  Once you finish the program, you are then assigned to an outpatient program that will allow you to continue on your path to sobriety without losing connection to your resources.

Another option you have is an intensive outpatient program, which does not involve checking yourself in for an inpatient stay.  Instead, you are allowed to go to your home every night.  However, in the daytime, you will be at the facility working with a team of doctors and therapists toward your goal of recovery.

You will go through the same amount of counseling and medical treatment as inpatient clients.  However, when you are finished for the day, you can return home to  your family.  This option could work best for you if you have a good support team at home and can resist the urge to drink or use drugs while you are in outpatient care.

Still another option you have is medically assisted treatment.  This option involves the use of medication to help you overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol.  The medications help rid your body of the drugs and substances that you were formerly abusing prior to getting help.  They are not addictive themselves but instead acts as cleansers of sorts to help wean your body off of the substances.  This program is administered under the watchful care of a licensed medical doctor.  It also may be used in conjunction with other inpatient and outpatient programs.

Finally, after you graduate from whatever program you are in at the facility, you may be sent to a sober living home to live while you adapt back into sober society.  The home allows you to live independently to some degree.  However, you may be expected to get a job and contribute to the household until your stay is up.

You will have rules by which you must abide.  These rules are designed to help you get back on track with your life and also help you resist the temptation to use drugs or alcohol again.  Your stay there may be as brief as a month or perhaps as long as three or four months.  You and your team of medical and therapeutic professionals will work out the details prior to you being discharged from the rehab facility.

Working toward sobriety may be one of the biggest challenges in your life.  You need the support of a dedicated team of rehab specialists working with you.  You can find out what your treatment options are and what you can expect before you enter the facility by doing your research online.