The vast majority of people can safely eat any type of food and have absolutely no type of reactions, while others may have more or less serious problems. We’re talking about food allergies and intolerance. These two issues can cause a human being the same symptoms, but at the same time differentiate between their characteristics are really important. Let us see what are the main differences between food allergies and intolerance.

The fundamental difference that can be found between food intolerances and allergies , is that the first is able to trigger a reaction in the skin that is sometimes very painful events in a person. Just think of intolerance to lactose or to all people with celiac disease. The second option or allergy, not only can manifest with painful episodes, but cause further reactions sometimes even fatal. Having a food intolerance means that: you can not digest food properly, or that a particular food irritates the digestive system of a person. Typically the symptoms of a food intolerance include: nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, nervousness.


Food allergy instead occurs when the immune system, whose specific task is to fight infection, a person is in contact with a certain type of food and mistakes him for an invader. All this in turn generates an exaggerated response by the immune system itself, which, alarmed, releases a large amount of chemicals such as histamine. Symptoms that may occur in the event of a food allergy include coughing, hoarseness, vomiting, stomach pain, hives, difficulty breathing.

Fighting food allergies is that intolerance is possible. What you should do first is definitely perform the clinical tests in order to ascertain accurately what are the foods that trigger these problems. Once verified, you will have to proceed with the removal of this food from your diet. For added security, you can require the help of a professional who will be able to make a correct and balanced diet. Of course we must always be very careful about what you eat, keeping the limit of guard always high, for this reason, it may be appropriate to base your diet exclusively on simple foods that require little preparation for their preparation .