The high-protein diets are in vogue, but they have many nutritional deficiencies that alter metabolism and endanger health.

The protein-based diets were fashionable in the seventies and now back to the fore, thanks mainly to Dukan method and a more effective marketing campaigns.

Newscasters, show hosts, actors, models and others, advocate (after substantial recovery) the supposed benefits of these diets that nutritionists and dietitians are warning everyone, given the real danger they pose to health. They are not personalized diets which carries the risk of allergies, food intolerance, intestinal transit problems for poor fiber content, among others.


The Dukan diet and its dangers

We find that a priori seems an ideal method for lose weight quickly, without losing muscle, without restrictions on the amount of food to eat and making sure that you will not get fat again. So far so perfect, as it raises the diet seems to have found the long-sought panacea, but if we remove some spectacular background system, what we find is a rehash of the different diets and dietary protein dissociated taking years of broken promises.

The diet consists of four phases. The first “attack phase” is the most dangerous and is only ten days eating meat and fish with no quantity limits. Massive protein consumption behaves in principle bad breath, coated tongue and dry mouth, these small annoyances adds risk to take into account for hypertension, avitaminosis, Increased cholesterol called “bad” and kidney problems.

It follows the “cruise phase” where alternate protein and vegetables. To get an idea: metabolism and altered by the previous phase and to the continued lack of sugar and starch ends up unbalanced though apparently and as you lose weight without starving, fans feel replete diet.

It then passed to a consolidation phase and a stabilization. This is where you generate a weight gain anything by far the dreaded rebound effect. During the first two phases, we stop eating foods such as potatoes, rice, macaroni, beans, that is, foods rich in starch and carbohydrates. Once again these foods are reintroduced to our diet, our body reacts by storing the most in anticipation of future restrictions, which will lead us back to gain weight, possibly with a few kilos more than they lost, as unwanted gift.

More unintended effects and practical solution

Such diets have strong deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, which can result in increased fatigue and tingling in the legs due to lack of potassium. Please note that these diets also alter the female hormonal system to disrupt the menstrual cycle, which can lead to the disappearance of the rule.

Lose weight by eating healthy and doing a little exercise is only possible if there is no pre-existing disease to prevent it. We must start by eliminating fried foods, pastries, soft drinks, snuff, alcohol and do moderate exercise for 30 minutes daily. For example brisk walking or climbing stairs for 15 minutes. Healthy eating in small amounts, trying to eliminate excessive stress and drinking 1 ½ liters of water daily, you can get to remove the extra kilos without altering metabolism, with the assurance that the rebound effect making its appearance will not gain more weight loss .