Here we attempt to offer some data about diet to prevent cancer. Granting to the answers of several surveys carried in the last twenty years, and according to the instructions supplied by the World Wide Fund for Research on Cancer, the role of nutrition is indispensable in the prevention of several kinds of malignant neoplastic disease. In summation, a healthy diet as well appears to significantly dilute the danger of recurrence. In this guide, in this re. g. Aid, will be referred to the diet to prevent cancer considering, however, that you must also change other habits (e.g. by cutting down smoking and performing physical activity) to attain efficient solutions.


Surely fruits and veggies are the main foods recommended to anyone who desires to embark on a diet to prevent cancer. Not entirely cause they contain minerals and vitamins, but they hold really valuable items like molecules called phytochemicals. Great Property Also tomatoes (preferably consume cooked) and spinach, which possess the power to effectively get rid of carcinogens in the torso. Eating these vegetables does not entail you have to take out the other; In fact, mushrooms, artichokes, seaweed and almost all the herbaceous plants and spices contain good quantities of phytochemicals.

Regarding the fruit, grapes (particularly red) and berries have the ability to play on various phases of the growth procedure of the tumors; consume too many apples and avoid removing them at night (because it may be hard to tolerate). It is important to buy fruit that is in season vegetables because that found in supermarkets outside of the collection period might contain very harmful substances. The danger, in this lawsuit, is to advance the development of cancer cells rather than cut them. Among the spices, those to be included in the diet to prevent cancer are turmeric (consume one teaspoon per day) and black pepper (1/2 teaspoon per day).