There is talk of hypertension when there is an increase in irregular high blood pressure. I am having two values: the maximum and the minimum. The first ranges from 115 to 140 mm of mercury, the second varies between 70 and 90 in adults. The number of sufferers is very high in Italy, and in industrialized countries in general, and increases continuously. It happens that the discovery is made ​​randomly. Among the causes of high blood pressure include, in particular, the fast-paced life and hardships in the emotional sphere as well as the unbalanced diet. Hippocrates claimed that the food should be our medicine but not always we take account of this great truth. The purpose of this guide is to focus on this, introducing new and healthy habits with diet for hypertension. It takes small steps to feel better.


The foods are the fuel of the body, what we introduce, combinations, cooking, everything can create imbalance or, on the contrary, make us feel in shape. In recent times, the kitchen seems to go out of fashion, raging programs on television where you compete to show off the dish more striking in the pot. They differ little from how to choose the ingredients, how to match (not everyone knows, for example, that the combination of some dishes fatigues digestion) and prepare them the right way. In Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine traditional Indian, nourishment is very important in a holistic view of health.

Those suffering from hypertension may take some precautions such as: remove the salt (the white salt is a refined product and as such is not healthy), learn how to use spices in the kitchen (just like teaches ayurveda) or consume foods to natural, no condiments. It is best to use whole grain products and organic without being afraid of the price, even in this case you just need to get organized.

You can do the shopping at the Gas (collective buying group) or to the market, from a trusted seller. Now many discount stores are whole grain products and organic products. Avoid foods frozen or canned, maybe faster to cook but less healthy. We used to eat in a certain way, we can improve by introducing new habits. A great power, turn of a healthy lifestyle and relaxing activities, it is a panacea for many ailments.