Even if one is not aware of, according to recent studies an Italian out of ten suffer from kidney disease. Over the years, the disease can lead to renal failure, one serious pathological state that only the dialysis or transplantation can “solve”. The kidneys, in fact, detoxifies the body from waste and excess mineral salts and their malfunction brings serious damage to our body and all its organs and systems. A proper diet and an early diagnosis can control kidney disease, slowing the insufficiency and are a great help for this serious problem.

The diet for kidney failure, must be low in protein, sodium and phosphorus. Meat, fish, eggs, meats, cheeses and dairy products should be reduced drastically, and less pulses. Are in fact protein-rich foods, in the first case of animal origin, in the second plant. In the market you will find: bread, pasta, crackers, biscuits, flour, rice and biscuits products with a reduced amount of protein and very good in a diet for kidney failure.


Even the calories should be reduced in proportion to the weight and age and you should reach your ideal weight. L ‘phosphorus intake through: legumes, nuts, brewer’s yeast, chocolate, flour and bran, organ meats, cold cuts, shrimp, egg yolk’ eggs and cocoa powder, should be avoided. In small quantities, instead you can eat: cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese, biscuits, fish, pasta, milk, yogurt , sour cream, rice, fresh vegetables and barley. In this way it ensures a supply of phosphorus less.

With great moderation are also to be taken foods that have a lower phosphorus content as: milk, yogurt, rice, pasta, fresh vegetables, barley, biscuits, cheese, cream, fish. You can eat freely, as they are free of phosphorus: sugar, potatoes, jam, honey, olive oil and butter, fresh fruit and vegetables, potatoes, honey, unless there are other diseases such as metabolic hyperglycemia, cholesterol. Attention also taking sodium and all foods that contain it in large quantities.

The diet for kidney failure, in any case be monitored by experienced and varied in proportion to the course of the disease. The do it yourself, in these diseases is absolutely prohibited, because it could damage the body and lead to serious complications. Moreover, it is not the case to be transgressive in eating habits, because it could lead to poor oxygenation of the blood, with the risks it entails.