Every day are released to market hundreds of applications for our mobile phone, many of them go unnoticed for most users but others like you’re going to comment are a great success and are an improvement in our lifestyle. It can be recorded by our camera any kind of stain on the skin we see each other thus having a reliable record of a possible breakthrough or change in moles to see dangerous.

This application will not only be a breakthrough in the examination and monitoring of the patient’s skin, which will be able to self-examination checking your own skin is changing, but also will get the dermatologist who treats the person have a record of how small skin lesion that has evolved.


How skin cancer is detected

This type of cancer is one of the fastest growing in numbers affected and is not only because the Sun ever make more havoc on us, making more heat and enhancing ultraviolet rays, but we ourselves fail to protect us, aside sunscreens and other protections the problem that can have long-term. To detect whether there may be signs of skin cancer or dermatologists follow a rule called ABCD, talking about if your moles are asymmetrical with irregular edges with color changes or if they have a diameter larger than 6 millimeters.

But other dermatologists prefer to add one more letter to the acronym, stressing that what is important is the evolution of the moon as you can be born with a mole with the above characteristics other than round but this does not mean anything, the important it is if they change their shape or color.

Self-examination saves lives

As we have seen, to know if a mole or spot on the skin change shape is very important, and this is detected by the self examination of the body. And not only are we talking about in the case of skin cancer, but also other important that rapid action and above all early detection can make a recovery and effective treatment. In these cases, thanks to mobile applications and digital photography makes it possible for the patient to self – examination more easily, and doctors can act quickly in the event of anomalies in what they have seen are.

While modern medicine has advanced greatly, prevention is one of the key steps to prevent disease and detection is another strong point when facing any greater evil. In cases seeing a skin lesion that has changed and it has been feared that could get worse the operation is very simple removing the mole in minor surgery closing the possibility to expand.

Photographs that help us all

The photographs that we will make through the application, we will serve much to know your skin type the evolution of skin lesions or even the level of damage that we can have on the skin. Notably, as it tells the creator of the application although this will help us improve the diagnosis and body scan you should never replace visits to the specialist, since it is this, which will really determine the health of your skin.