If you are one of the people who brush your teeth three times a day and do not miss a visit to the clinic every month to receive a teeth whitening you are in luck because dental irrigators will become the perfect ally of your health and your self-esteem. Still do not know what it is? Have you heard of these equipment but do not know how to choose the best one for you? Do not worry this is the guide you’ve been waiting for.


What is a dental irrigator?

It is known as oral irrigation to a technique widely used by dentists to eliminate, through a pulsating jet of water any accumulation of bacteria and salts in the gums, tongue and teeth. To do this, there are oral irrigators one of the basic tools of any dentist, and in addition to cleaning our mouth and eliminate any food residue is also able to stimulate gums and promote proper gingival health.

According to scientific studies when we combine manual tooth brushing with oral irrigation, our hygiene increases by 93%, because when using a jet of water under pressure we can drag the plaque penetrate the gums and reach Areas of our mouth totally inaccessible to the traditional brush. In addition, dental irrigators provide us with amazing ease of use are safe and allow the use of different nozzles to adjust the water pressure according to our needs. Still, it is important to note that dental irrigators not under any circumstances replace daily brushing of our teeth, but rather is used to complement and refine this daily hygienic activity.

Dental irrigators can be used by anyone who cares about their health and cleaning their teeth, although it is especially recommended for those who have special orthodontic appliances bands, bridges, bushes or braces or who have implants and crowns in his mouth. At the same time, diabetic loss of bone support of teeth) will also find great advantages in the use of a dental irrigator.

On the other hand, this orthodontic equipment can be used by people of all ages, especially children in full development of their dental structure. In some cases, many people even decide to replace water and enhance the use of dental irrigators with solutions or mouthwashes, which certainly brings greater freshness throughout the day and is much more effective against bacteria. Unlike dental floss, irrigators give us greater ease of use, and help us maintain our health in good condition.

How is it used?

The first step before using the dental irrigator is to brush our mouth thoroughly. Then simply fill the tank with water or any mouthwash (in the latter case, you must refrain from drinking water for at least 30 minutes after irrigation for the effect to take place), and finally, place the mouthpiece Of our choice.

Next, we introduce the irrigator into the mouth, turn on the equipment, point the mouthpiece at the gums and begin to review each region of the mouth, especially between the teeth and gums as this is where the greatest accumulation of tartar and bacteria will be found. We cannot forget to wash the irrigator, especially the nozzle and the water tank. Have you already convinced yourself how important an oral irrigator is for your health? Now we will focus on highlighting the three best models in the market to make your investment the most satisfactory.