Many people go about their business every day considering themselves healthy or fitness-conscious without ever considering the state of their teeth, or what the correlation between their oral and overall physical health might be. The truth is that no matter how often you go to the gym, you’re probably not totally healthy unless you’re also paying attention to the state of your teeth. Your mouth is frequently exposed to a range of bacteria and microbes, and while most of these are natural occurrences in the human body, without proper dental hygiene, they can multiply and attack teeth, gums and other parts of the mouth. When this happens, the effects resonate throughout the body. Oral health needs to be looked after no matter what.

Negative impacts of bad teeth and gums such as fatigue, unknown rashes and other reactions can occur. Another less obvious but equally insidious negative impact of bad oral health is the effect it can have on an individual’s self esteem. To prevent and reduce these types of impacts, a visit to a dental clinic like the Skyview Dental Clinic, the best family dentist in Aurora, is a good place to start.


Along with the negative impacts mentioned above, studies have suggested that people who have chronic gum problems or disease have a 47 percent higher chance to have a serious ailment on top of their oral health issues. This implies that a link exists between oral health and overall body health on top of any psychological concerns for the individual. Further studies have also correlated a link between tooth and gum problems and more serious diseases.

From a psychological perspective, the negative impact of a lack of proper dental hygiene can be devastating for any individual. The effects bad teeth can have on a person’s sense of self worth and self esteem can have far-reaching consequences in every area of their life. Bad teeth and gums can lead to social anxieties, generalized anxiety, internal withdrawal and other behaviors. This can lead to problems with relationships, establishing long term bonds and long term earning potential. However, proper cosmetic dentistry, whitening, and the use of dental implants can reverse many of these negative mental impacts.

There are few things as important as a person’s physical health and emotional wellbeing. Practicing proper dental hygiene, and making regular visits to a dental clinic can reduce, eliminate and even reverse damage to the teeth and gums. For those who have severe damage, the dental technology exists to correct said damage, but it’s crucially important to seek out help from qualified professionals. Once the damage is repaired, practicing good dental hygiene will prevent the damage from reoccurring. As with any dental procedure, the positive impact on a person’s life and emotional well being is well worth the effort. Dental health is as important as physical health and mental health; everything’s connected, and to take care of yourself, you need to take care of your teeth.