The menopause is a physiological period of life of every woman, but at the same time is a very delicate moment of transition in the life of each individual female. If you are a woman sooner or later you will have to live this experience, but the stronger your self-esteem and your sense of identity and easier this transition will be unscathed. If you’re going through the menopause, does not mean that you’re losing the light of reason, femininity, intelligence or interest in sex, do not think to be suffering from a chronic illness that goes combatant with the indiscriminate use of drugs : your body is just changing and the mind must accompany him, with all the serenity possible in this way. At the same time, the fears associated with menopause should not be ignored and treated lightly. But let’s see how to deal with menopause in the best way.


If you’re in menopause , what you need is the awareness of not being alone. As you approach this new chapter of your life, take the time to dedicate to new and stimulating interest. For example, you can spend more time with your grandchild, or you can devote to the care of your body by doing physical exercises like brisk walking, running, perform aerobic exercises. Try to spend more time in activities that make you feel good and relax you, contributing to your physical and mental health.

Another thing that you need to pay particular attention to is the diet. Remember that the need for nutrients, such as proteins , carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals does not decrease with age, whereas decreases calorie needs. Assume for example more proteins of plant origin and less protein of animal origin.

Be careful taking too fat, preferring those polyunsaturated fats, such as olive oil, a saturated fat, such as butter. Drink milk and eat dairy products, broccoli and vegetables with green leaves, which are good sources of calcium. Drink lots of water every day, preferring those rich in calcium and low in sodium. In fact to fight osteoporosis, one of the most common problems that are faced in menopause, it is important Remanent positive or at least break even the calcium in our bodies. Also eat different types of fruit. These eating habits will help to keep under control any overweight percent occur in menopause .