Tanning addiction is excessive, the search takes skin to get the closest color to black.

To explain what this term means and this syndrome is sufficient to refer to another manifestation of manic features: search anorexia or extreme thinness.

Addiction with withdrawal

Addiction to tanning end has a pattern very similar to that of smoking or alcoholism . Among those many sunbathers reveling in tan and with the recommended care can be very healthy. Leave ceases to be impossible. The body of the people who develop tanorexia produce a release of opioids while taking the sun that drives them to continue to seek always to get a darker color on your skin. In biochemical tests performed by a group of specialists in 2006 it was found that when cutting the cycle of sun exposure, individuals taking it too often and long exposures had a significant withdrawal symptoms. It was the same with those taking sun in moderation.

Symptoms that change a single bed for a disorder

There are a symptom that can alert you are experiencing tanorexia. You can go from feeling the color of the skin itself as a failure, excessive worry about losing the tone eventually becoming won this in a real anxiety. As in anorexia, in which the person is always more obese than they are, in tanorexia the individual is convinced that his skin is pale when it is actually quite dark. An important warning is given that the lack of sunshine may lead to loss of appetite. When these events occur or other strange symptoms will be time to seek help.


The sun, source of life lethal weapon

The sun’s rays, they are clearly beneficial when received with the necessary care: time, protection and appropriate schedule. But the sun is a friend who can become a lethal weapon and cause the dreaded skin cancer. Skin cancer is one of the most frequent, 50,000 deaths a year make it one of the most daunting.
The greatest risk factor is exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. The sun gets on the skin builds up year after year and ends up causing mutations in the DNA of cells. It is a slow and quiet and is a disease that attacks preferentially skinned people who are exposed to the rays without paying attention to the recommendations.

Crossing the summer

The time that white skin was synonymous with beauty is behind us, the tan is currently admires but tanning previously reached in the summer now seems essential for the entire year. The cabins of UV A and solariums have been a trigger for this trend, but the obsession with being tan every day has led to misuse of these tools will eventually be created to help beauty. Appliances of beauty that ceased to be when the search of the desired shade soon began to cause an increase increasing the incidence of skin cancer.