The winter inevitably returns every year and ailments caused by the sudden arrival of the cold are unfortunately around the corner. The sore throat is one of the most common symptoms of colds and is very common in children and young adults. To prevent a mild disorder degenerate into pharyngitis or aphonia , there are home remedies effective and easy to prepare, without the need to resort to drugs that often involve unpleasant side effects. In this guide, we will propose some simple remedies and all-natural home-based two ingredients that can be found every day in our kitchens: the lemon and onion . Then read the following steps to find out how to cure a sore throat with lemon and onion.

how to cure a sore throat

The most common factors that cause that annoying burning throat are: smoking, pollution and the initial symptom of flu which sometimes degenerate causing pharyngitis chronic type. To avoid this it is advisable to use honey in a hot cup of milk, but it turned out that even the onion has the ability to eliminate and cure this disorder almost unbearable. I simply need to prepare a simple decoction by boiling for about half an hour a whole chopped onion with enough water to cover it. Once cooked onion drain well, taking care to compress well every single piece to release all of its beneficial properties. With this decoction of onion will do gargle three or four times a day to relieve congestion on the most of your pharynx.

Burning and dryness of the throat typical of pharyngitis and aphonia , you can ease thanks to a macerated onion and lemon , easy to prepare and quick to administer. All you need is a red onion and a medium sized lemon. So first, the chopped onion and put in a bowl with the lemon juice that you have previously squeezed. Let macerate for a whole night, then strain and pour the liquid into a glass. The mixture will get to be consumed very slowly using a straw, to ensure that the anti-inflammatory and antibiotic come in contact with the mucous for a prolonged time. Repeat this for a few days until the sore throat does not dim or disappears altogether.

Although now you are aware of these possible remedies have the foresight to cover well the neck with a warm scarf if you feel the need and avoid passing abruptly from heated rooms to cold environments. This way you will avoid annoying sore throat. In case of need, however, you are in possession of the simplest procedures to cure your sore throat with lemon and onion. I hope this guide will be helpful .