Itch is an irritation that can occur on various parts of the body and scratching that leads people to seek relief, worsening the problem. The causes of prurient can be many, from food poisoning to various types of allergies (eg dust) or, still, insect bites or disease. This guide will give you how to cure itching.

First, it is necessary, however difficult, is not scratching at the point where you feel the itch; relief given by a grating will only momentary and will soon turn into an even more intense itching and unpleasant. A useful remedy in many cases, especially when the itching is due to excessive dryness of the skin, is made ​​from moisturizers, preferably based oil of sweet almonds; alternatively also a cream avocado oil will benefit. Proves to be very effective peppermint, which can be used to take a bath, or mentholated talc, or even tea tree diluted in water, to which is added the baking soda. Even the aloe vera gel is able to quickly reduce the itching sensation.


There are many natural remedies to which recourse may be had; some provide for the assumption of certain liquids that act from within, while others consist of applying ointments directly on the affected part. Among the first part of a solution composed of water, barbie corn and the juice of a couple of lemons, drink between meals several times a day, for a couple of days. To prepare cook for a minute barbie the corn in boiling water, then put them in a bottle after it has been filtered through a sieve and add the lemon juice. Regarding the natural methods to pass on the body the oat flour, mixed with a little hot water, quickly calm the itching; is very effective even in the honey mixed with cinnamon powder.

To reduce the itching sensation may also be useful to pay attention to the clothes that you wear; synthetic fabrics, in fact, easily cause allergies while wearing pants that are too tight will not allow the skin to breathe; if the itching occurs in intimate areas or close to the same to avoid, as well as synthetic clothing, even colored ones. Itching can be fought even changing your eating habits; foods containing large percentages of refined sugars, food too spicy or too hot are to be avoided, better replace them with copious amounts of fruits and vegetables.