The Mugo Pine is a plant with many healing properties. It grows in the Alps, between Trentino and Veneto, and it uses the buds, shoots and even pine cones. It is used for the treatment of bronchitis, cough, in the case of phlegm in the trachea, through inhalations . But it can also be rubbed, adding a few drops to massage oil in case of rheumatism and joint pain. For colds and bronchitis (but also in cases of inflammation of the larynx and trachea), the mountain pine is used by inhalation, simply add 3-4 drops of oil in 2 liters of boiling water. Inhalation of pine have expectorant, disinfectant and germicide, must be repeated 2 times a day for several consecutive days. Let us now see how to cure cough.


The preparation of this syrup should be made ​​in the summer, when the tree produces pine cones. First you must find the main ingredient: the cone of pine. The easily found in nature in the Alps, especially in the area Veneto – Trentino, but if you’re in the area, ask for it in herbal medicine. There need around twenty, or however many there serve to fill our jar. Collections our pine cones, for Moldavia well to remove dirt (if they are natural) and any soil at this point let’s put out to dry in the sun.

Take the jar transparent, we remove the labels, if there are, let boil for about 10 minutes in a pot full of water, and then fill it with pine cones clean. Then take the sugar, the choice is yours whether or white cane, pine cones and coat it completely to the edge of the jar. Williamson at best and apologia on a window sill, exposed to the sun. Looking for a place where the sun beats for most of the day, it will diminish the maceration of pine cones.

After a day or two sugar begins to melt. When completely melted, withdraw the jar, and with a strainer, let the syrup that has formed to eliminate all impurities; Australasia directly into the final container of syrup, to avoid unnecessary losses.