Resorting to painkillers used to remove the symptom but not the cause. Tips and techniques to prevent and treat back pain.

Five people, four suffer, have suffered or will suffer backache. It is a condition that, besides being often debilitating, represents a major cause of absences from work, with a high social cost.

The most common causes of back pain

Only 20% of back pain are due to conditions such as congenital disorders of the spine, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, or herniated disc. In 80% of cases, the pain is due to nonspecific causes such as Poor posture, Wrong moves, stress, overweight. To prevent back pain is essential to know the functioning of the spine.


The importance of knowing the spine

In general, people with back pain following passive therapies, rest, drugs, and various forms of instrumental therapies (cryotherapy, magnetic, ultrasound). But the drawback is that these therapies are symptomatic and do not study the causes of pain.

In the Back School Milan, a school for back pain sufferers, taught the operation of the spine and the mechanism that can produce pain. Dr. Benedetto Tosso school explains that moving from a passive to an active treatment: “The patient does not follow passively lumbálgico medical indications, but is actively aware of their treatment”. The school taught theoretical lessons to learn to know the column itself and is still a personalized postural exercises.

Gymnastics with antalgic ball to prevent back pain

The proprioception is the ability to react to external stimuli that alter the position in space. The body movements are guided by structures called proprioceptors, whose function is to control the contraction of muscles. The dynamic action of the ball forces the receptor to activate proprioceptors. The objective is to determine the muscle contractions necessary to compensate for unexpected changes in body position in space and keep it in balance. The ball can improve postural control, balance and orientation in space. It is especially recommended for people with poor muscle tone. The ball must have a diameter of 45 – 75 cm.

Chiropractic to equilibrate the column

It focuses on the relationship between structure (spine) and function (coordinated with the nervous system) and how the balance between them affects the recovery and health maintenance.

Looking identify and correct imbalances, especially at the structural level, through specific manual adjustments without resorting to drugs and stimulating the natural healing ability that has the body. Dr. John Williams, president of the Italian Chiropractic Association, says it is a useful technique in the case of herniated disc, “The doctor spoke on the entire spine, trying to relieve stress affected disk.”

Tai Chi Chuan to correct posture

China is an ancient martial arts technique, which aims to achieve the integration of body and spirit. This discipline brings maximum attention to the position, the exercises can improve the flexibility of the spine and tone the chest muscles. Tai Chi Chuan is a noninvasive, inexpensive, no additional elements that can be practiced anywhere.

Numerous studies demonstrate the effectiveness of Tai Chi: Among the most recent highlights done by the George Institute for International Health demonstrating the positive benefits on bone pain muscles. In addition to the above techniques, there are other alternatives like Alexander method, Acupuncture and massage. Over time, the therapies have changed, and today the most important concept is “move to stop back pain.”