The board usually given to those who want to sculpt their bodies is to follow a balanced diet to control his caloric intake and exercise to lose the sports extra calories and firm the body. However there are parts of the body that exercises athletes can refine. So should we think about surgery? The answer is no for the simple reason that most of these methods are dangerous and even prohibited (eg liposuction) and there is moreover a process safer: the Lipomassage. Since 1986, perfected the endermologie cellulite treatment that is the Lipomassage is therefore a technique that has been studied extensively. Today, Lipomassage is a process almost essential for those who are struggling to fight their cellulite.


Lipomassage targets stubborn areas of your body gets rid of fat deposits to reveal you cut your lines perfectly. A simple and painless based massage performed by a special device designed to sculpt the body curves: The Cellu M6. In just one month you will see your silhouette and refine your skin will be firmer. You do not embarrass your forms more unsightly.

Lipomassage a clinical perspective

Lipomassage, a scientific, proven, it proves that today it is possible to eliminate the rebel body fat. Indeed the last twenty years, endermologie has not stopped improving his apparatus sculptor and grease remover is now his most successful stage: the Cellu M6 keymodule. The passage of the device on the skin into activity lipolysis accelerating the release of receptors. These receptors are the key in the grease outlet. This cycle was demonstrated by a study conducted by Professor Lafontan from Toulouse. The observed results are indisputable after 6 weeks, depending on the extent of your cellulite, it will be reduced partially or completely treated.

A simple and effective technique

Lipomassage is a real breakthrough in the world of aesthetics because it succeeds where diet, exercise and even diet pills have failed. It is a kind of physical therapy while his methods are of no consequence because it is only massages. Beforehand, the specialist takes pictures of the patient (this is called “lipo picture”) and analysis to evaluate the thickness of the fat under the skin (lipo-assessment). In this study the morphology of the patient, he can then better target areas unsightly and begin treatment (lipo-zoning).

During the sessions, the patient with a sticky lies on a massage table with plastic straps placed at the ankles to perform muscle exercises designed to isolate the muscles during the massage (lipo-insulation). Then comes the centerpiece of treatment: the Cellu M6. This device, unlike other robots masseurs, massage does not just relax and it has three rolls each performing a specific movement (the roll-up, roll in and roll-out). The movements of the rollers remove the fat under the skin, making skin smoother firmer. No matter your age or gender, Lipomassage will have the same effects as the Cellu M6 is a revolutionary device that will help you lose cellulite.

The frequency of sessions Lipomassage

An average session lasts between 35 minutes and is given twice weekly by the physiotherapist when treatment begins. Gradually, as the treatment progresses, the effects will be more visible. Your silhouette is refined until a satisfactory result after 6 weeks. After this period, the physiotherapist will reduce the number of meetings to one every three weeks (this will depend on results achieved and the progress of treatment). This in order to maintain or keep the lines of your body. The price of the session varies from 50 to 60 euros but if you sign up for multiple sessions you will obviously significant reductions. Lipomassage is a real remedy for body parts resistant to sport and diet but you must follow the course of treatment and monitor your calorie intake, otherwise it will have no effect. This clinical procedure is a real opportunity to refine the lines of your body.