In Colombian culture are very common cosmetic surgery in which many women undergo to try to change something that can not be operated, self-esteem.

First, it is necessary to expose the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. The first is responsible for shaping the tissues of different parts of the body affected by injury or deformity from birth or caused by an accident. However, this technique has been involved with cosmetic surgery. According to Alejandro Jaimes Soto, president of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, speak of aesthetic plastic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery.


Plastic Surgery in Colombia

Colombia is one of the countries where they are performed more cosmetic plastic surgery. Unlike other countries, prices are very affordable, according to a report by Telemundo, A liposuction, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty cost $ 8,000, while the same procedures are priced at between 25,000 and U.S. $ 30,000. However, in the same Colombian culture has created a familiarity with the aesthetic appearance of the surgeries. Not only because of the ease of price and financing, but the cult of the ideal body.

Patients and self-esteem

The vast majority of patients are middle-aged women, thirty-five and forty years. Undergo cosmetic surgery, as breast augmentation, Thinning or stretching of the skin. Noteworthy are the main causes that motivate these women to take as a tool of aesthetic plastic surgery to enhance their self-esteem.

Dr. Jose Juri, cites the case of a patient showing the psychological and sociological context that explains the reasons that led her to want to change your body image: a young who came with the idea of ​​placing an implant three times higher than normal because his marriage in jeopardy if not increase your breast. He answered that his marriage was already finished if it depended on the size of their breasts.

Therefore, the surgeries do not help to increase self-esteem, to value more and get better. This is something deeper, not dependent on the volume of the breasts or nose. Dr. Flichman says there are high chances that the picture gets worse, because the person expects that the surgery relieved a suffering that is actually more related to psychopathology than a cosmetic problem.


Therefore, it is important to realize what we really are. It is worth asking whether the stability and happiness depend on appearance Maybe at first . so, but we will always be unhappy with any part of our body, or constantly want to change or improve something, if we do not realize that acceptance is the long-awaited happiness.