There is no denying the fact that everyone wants to flash an amazing, brilliant smile. Do you look at people on TV and in the movies and wish that you had teeth as nice as theirs? But when you think about calling one of the many cosmetic dentists out there, you may hesitate because you believe that you’ll go broke by paying for his or her services.

You may be surprised to learn that there are many affordable options of cosmetic dentistry that include more than just costly veneers and crowns. Today, cosmetic dentists around the world are now offering a wide range of services to their patients that are surprisingly affordable.

Get a White and Bright Smile at a Low Cost

Today, cosmetic dentists are offering teeth whitening services that won’t break the bank. As teeth whitening has become increasingly popular over the past few years partly due to many famous people having their teeth bleached, cosmetic dentists are now providing their patients with several teeth whitening options. Nowadays, patients who wish to remove stains and discoloration from their teeth can undergo procedures in cosmetic dentist offices wherein a bleaching agent is used in combination with a special light that can drastically whiten teeth. This type of procedure can cost anywhere from $100 to $350. For those with tighter budgets, more affordable options of cosmetic dentists are take-home teeth whitening kits. With this type of kit, the patient puts a special whitening gel into a tray or mouthpiece and then wears it for a specific period of time during the evening. The results can be dramatic as one’s teeth can become several shades whiter after just a few nights.

Fix Tiny Imperfections with Dental Bonding

If you have some minor imperfections of your teeth that keep you from smiling, you’ll be pleased to learn that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for expensive veneers. Many dentists today offer dental bonding that is one of the most affordable options of cosmetic dentistry. This is a treatment that consists of the dentist applying a composite resin to the surface of the tooth to improve it’s appearance. This procedure can hide chips, cracks and discoloration and can even restore a broken tooth that may prevent you from flashing your smile. It also can be used to reshape the teeth to give them a straighter appearance.

Bring out the Best in Your Smile with Tooth Re-ontouring

if you have jagged teeth, chips, cracks or teeth which are too long, one of the most inexpensive options of cosmetic dentists is tooth re-contouring. This is a procedure that reshapes the teeth and the great news is that it doesn’t even usually require any anesthesia or down-time! Tooth re-contouring is a safe procedure cosmetic dentists perform wherein they use a sanding technique to re-contour the tooth to make it more attractive. The tooth is then polished for a natural, healthy appearance.

As you can see, you don’t have to win the lottery in order to afford cosmetic dentistry! Today, there are many affordable options offered by cosmetic dentists that can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth and smile!