Admitting that you are an alcoholic and in need of professional help takes courage. It requires that you drop your facade and admit your weakness. During this time of emotional, mental, and physical vulnerability it is important that you surround yourself with positive people who want to see you regain sobriety as much as you do. You can find the support network you need and get the professional help you require to overcome alcoholism by entering a facility like a Port St. Lucie Drug Rehab or a program designed to treat alcoholics like you.

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Elements of Your Detox Program

Entering any kind of treatment program invites uncertainty. You may feel scared, confused, angry, depressed, and even resistant to the help being offered to you. These feelings are entirely natural and to be expected by anyone preparing to battle a serious substance abuse issue like alcoholism. However, a program like an alcohol detox in Alba Texas and other facilities dedicated to this kind of treatment centers on helping you feel at ease immediately. It is important that the staff gain your trust so that they can guide you toward a healthy recovery.

Part of gaining that trust involves placing you in a secure and safe environment. It may have been months or years since you felt safe, particularly if you are leaving a tumultuous home life. The facility is designed to offer you the quiet, relaxing, and peaceful environment you need to focus on your recovery. Along with being comforting, the facility is also secure, preventing people who may not agree with your choice to visit you while you are undergoing rehab. You will be in the constant presence of professionals who are trained to look out for your best interests.

It can take some time to become used to being constantly monitored during your time in rehab. You may feel like you are being treated like a child or that your doctors and therapists do not trust you. They do in fact respect you and want the best for you, which is why they check on you frequently to make sure you are adapting to the program. While you legally cannot be held against your will unless a judge has ordered you to enter rehab, the facility is set up to protect you from yourself. Addicts are their own worst enemies, which is why programs such as these are designed to provide the constant monitoring you need to recover successfully.

Counseling and Fitness

Another part of gaining your trust centers on you going to counseling, both individually and in group sessions. It is important that you verbalize to your counselor the mental and emotional triggers that cause you to drink. You may be covering up past abuse, for example. You likewise might feel frustrated with the way your life played out. Regardless of your triggers, the counseling is designed to help you vocalize, objectify, and solve the issues that propelled you toward alcoholism.

Likewise, group counseling also plays a significant role in your recovery. You will be encouraged to speak to others in the group and also listen to what the others have to say as well. The members of the group will offer you advice and encouragement and expect the same of you. The group sessions will be monitored and led by a professional counselor. Group counseling may meet several times a week. Your individual counseling will take place in accordance to the severity of your addiction.

While you will spend a great deal of time in counseling and receiving medical services, you also will be given the chance to get some exercise. Exercise helps your body heal from the aftermath of alcoholism and also helps you vent frustration and energy. You can take part in activities like kayaking and swimming. The facility’s beach location makes enjoying these activities easy and fun. You can spend time near the surf and out in the sun, getting fit and moving steadily toward your sobriety goals.

When you can admit that you have a problem with alcohol, your first step may involve contacting the rehab of your choice to get more information. You can use the online contact form to request more information about the program and its services.

Alcoholism is a serious addiction for which professional help is needed to overcome it. You can start toward your goal of sobriety by entering a qualified drug and alcohol abuse program and receiving counseling and other services.