Getting up early is a virtue, those who sleep more than 8 hours is lazy, the best night’s sleep before midnight is. But that’s all true?

The social rules affect our lives every day, even our sleep. But who does not know the urge to sleep off the weekend even know that he will then sometimes looked at an angle. Go to bed early and get up early today for many people is still a virtue. Who sleeps too long is considered lazy. This healthy sleep is important – and is determined for each person individually.

Everyone can be an early riser?

In fact, it is not possible for anyone at all to be an early riser, getting up early may even be unhealthy . Every human being has from birth to his own biorhythm. The performance time is as varied as the appropriate sleep time for each person. One can sleep times while retraining, so that early birds can stay up too long (for example, through years of night shifts) and owls go to sleep early (for example, when they have to work-related). This conditioning but does not change the actual sleep patterns and can even make you sick . The statement, you should go to bed ago 0 clock, so is just as wrong.


Proper sleep duration

Equally influenced by the biorhythm is the necessary duration of sleep. Again, there is no prescribed number of hours . On average, the duration of sleep required is between six and eight hours. But there are also people who absolutely need ten to fourteen hours of sleep to be well rested. You can test this on holiday in peaceful surroundings. When you wake from himself and feels the day fit, you have to determine your required number of hours sleep.

Split bedroom

You do not sleep on this piece though. Who needs 7 hours of sleep, for example, can also hold five hours sleep at night and nap during the day. Old people do this often. Incidentally: the sleep duration needed hardly changes in adults. In the age of the body needs just as much sleep as he needed at 30. A sleep phase, however, takes about 90 minutes – this time you should be sleeping, even if you divide the bedroom.

Too much and too little sleep are harmful

Sleep is necessary for the body to regenerate itself. Who sleeps too little, thus risking his health. But too much sleep can also be harmful. Who is lying, although it would normally fit and continues to sleep, leaches from his body. During sleep, the body is in full swing, even if you do not outwardly observes him. Too much sleep can lead to depression. Who has to do with depression anyway, so the morning should kick your ass and not to lie any longer, even if drive and drive are missing. If you take too little sleep could be to catch up on sleep .

Healthy sleep is important

Especially important is quality sleep. Not only the number of hours and time is to decide but that sleep is restful. Sleeping in tents, or in between trains on an office chair is not nearly as relaxing as the bed in the home. And who wants to sleep healthy, should be solved by social schedules as much as possible and listen to your own biorhythms to a ” social jet lag “to avoid. Your health is ultimately more important than the social recognition.