A research says that some medications for high cholesterol, more potent statins may raise the risk of diabetes.

Some medications taken for high cholesterol can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to researchers in Canada. The study of the British Medical Journal was released yesterday. Research relieves 1.5 million people and suggests that powerful statins may increase the risk of diabetes by 22% compared with weaker drugs. Anyway experts said that the benefits of statins still outweigh the risks.

Role of statins

Statins are a group of drugs commonly prescribed to lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. This reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease, heart attack or stroke. The statins inhibit cholesterol is generated in the liver and these levels are lowered by 20% to 40%. This lock works on a key enzyme in the production process of LDL (bad). Cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance produced by the liver and is generated properly when not imply a disorder, but occurs opportunities large amount of cholesterol and when prescribed statins, which block the enzyme involved in cholesterol production. Statins do not only lower bad cholesterol (LDL) but can increase good cholesterol (HDL).


The study on statins and incidence of diabetes

All drugs have side effects, but a team of researchers from hospitals in Toronto relieved the problem of some statins, since it had generated controversy over the risk of diabetes with some of the various versions of this group of drugs. We analyzed the medical records of 1.5 million people over age 66, comparing the incidence of diabetes among people taking different statins.

Reviews specialists on the study of statins

However, they added that different statins should be directed to the right patients, ” Statins more powerful, at least in higher doses should preferably be reserved for patients who do not respond to treatment low power and have a total risk cardiovascular disease . ”

Talk to your doctor

All medicines have benefits and risks, and have warnings, contraindications and adverse side effects, so that create doubts, you should consult your doctor.