This company offers women the tools needed to pamper yourself and look beautiful during cancer treatment.

In Spain, the cancer is one of the most diagnosed diseases during the last decade. Among the different types, breast cancer is one of the most commonly manifest among Spanish fememina population, reaching almost 15,000 new cases diagnosed annually. Recent studies have concluded that an acceptance of the disease is a positive step to overcoming it. Having high self-esteem during cancer treatment, but can not guarantee success, if one could say that large-scale increases coping and prevention in relapse of the disease.

For this reason, what is born cheer , a company that started up in the cyber market to make available to patients, wherever they live, and easily accessible products and tools needed to pamper yourself and be beautiful during the cancer treatment. And is that its founder, Anna Reviejo, spent a difficult situation when someone close (and lives in a small town) was diagnosed with the disease and “we realized we could not find places that offered what she needed,” so not idle Ana began to plan in his head the idea to create this store, to assist and support women who must struggle daily against the hard process of chemotherapy. The site is structured in a simple and useful, reaching to find everything from advice to general care, makeup and hair care. Also on the web, you can find makeup products, oral care, sun protection and care and hygiene.


While it is true that the newest offering cheer are complete for women going through this ordeal to look beautiful, feel good about yourself and fight every day against the disease with a big smile and a great self-esteem. This is why so in cheer can find everything from scarves adapted to sleeping hats, caps from different models, all of them youthful style and elegant design, and comfortable. With all this, we can say that cheer born with a fighting spirit that wants to convey to potential clients, as well as its creator says, Ana Reviejo “if you can.” And is that optimism is one of the points that should be emphasized more when facing the cancer treatment.