Both breast cancer and the cervical (or cervical cancer) increase every year. What are the current treatments and what to do to prevent them.

Ills that affect women today if any, the breast and cervical cancer are two common diseases in women, breast cancer being the most affecting women, cervical and the second in the ranking. Educate the community, early care and frequent checks are weapons that are able to fight their advance.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Early in the disease, when the tumor is only a couple of small cells and there are no symptoms to alert you of their presence. However, with growth of the same, may occur:

* Pain in the mass, in the armpit or shoulder by nerve compression.
* The ability to palpate the tumor, or under the skin notice.
* Changes in the shape or color of the nipple.
* Significant differences between both breasts.
* Abnormal discharge from the nipple.
* You may notice the inflamed breast.
* Increased sensitivity of the nipple.
* Wrinkled skin on any specific area or too tight in another.

How to prevent breast cancer?

If we talk about primary prevention, preventing it from appearing, there are few studies that talk about how to prevent the disease. It is said that the progressive and constant use of anti perspiration deodorant may favor the development of cancer. Some tips are:


* Perform breast self daily, and annual mammography from age 30 or the first pregnancy.
* If you have a family history of breast cancer, talk to your doctor additional controls.
* Avoid using anti antiperspirant deodorant.
* Adjust performing stress relaxation techniques daily.
* Regular physical activity and eat a healthy diet with fruits, vegetables and fiber.
* Avoid overweight .
* Adjust the intake of alcohol.

Symptoms of cervical cancer

As with all cancers, early symptoms are not detectable, then listed some specific genital tract or the uterus , such as:

* Abnormalities in vaginal discharge.
* Heavy bleeding inside or outside the menstrual period.

If the cancer progresses, other possible signs are:

* Pain not only in the genital area, but in the back or legs.
* Loss of appetite and subsequent weight loss.
* Constant tiredness.

How to prevent cervical cancer?

Since it is mostly produced by HPV, or HPV, primary prevention is achieved through vaccination. In Argentina, this vaccine is required by national calendar for all girls from age 11. This virus is spread through sexual intercourse, therefore the condom protection is key. Keep a steady partner favors this virus does not spread. Also, while it is simply detect dyspepsia helps control it, for that, a Pap smear should be performed at least once a year and more often if your doctor decides. First, know what we are talking about, do you feel if the disease is progressing, and what studies can detect the disease early. Better safe than sorry.