Smooth legs and tight butt? This is probably the dream of many women. But what really helps against the unpopular cellulite?

Since men have a different structure of the connective tissue, all women suffer from cellulite, and that more than 90 percent. Cellulite is not a disease, but merely a change in the female connective tissue. Is the orange peel very pronounced, a serious aesthetic problem arise. What exactly is cellulite and what can you do about it?

Formation of cellulite

Cellulite occurs primarily in the area of ​​the thighs and buttocks, but also on the upper arms and hips. In these regions, the skin forms unattractive dimples. The female is mostly subcutaneous adipose tissue, under the skin. It is traversed by parallel adjacent collagen strands, which divide the fatty tissue. By the hormonal cycle of women swells the fatty tissue and pushes past the collagen fibers. Thus the characteristic bumps formed in the skin. Responsible for the swelling of the sex hormone estrogen. Cellulite is nothing but fat cells, which can be of the collagen fibers are no longer retained in the subcutaneous tissue. Suffers a woman already under orange peel, can pull the metabolic problems with it, which can make the situation worse. Fat cells to swell and prevent the draining lymph and blood. Thus the surrounding tissue water is stored, so that the skin swells further and lead to more and larger dents.


Measures against cellulite: Slimming and Healthy Eating

On the one hand, the genetic predisposition plays a role in the development of cellulite. On the other hand, there are also many external influences that promote cellulite. Obesity is our top priority. The more fat a woman stores, the worse the dents. The magic word here so take off . A healthy carbohydrate and low-fat diet helps. Also, lots of exercise can work wonders. Because a lack of motion leads to a decrease in muscle mass, which is then replaced by fatty tissue. This impairs the circulation, water accumulates and the skin gets swollen.

Circulation-promoting measures against cellulite

In support for weight loss and healthy diet are all measures which promote the circulation of the skin. These include, for example, cold showers for at least three minutes. It should be noted that three hot and cold shower transitions are provided. Massages can have a positive impact on the tightening of the tissue. Massage towels or brushes lend themselves excellently.