Surely, you have heard a lot of uric acid especially when you attend a consultation or you get a checkup of blood. However, you may not know with certainty what the implications that compound or its excess is for the body. Well along these lines we will try to clear up all the frequently asked questions on the subject of great importance if we are to enjoy good health in general and not suffer frequent and somewhat complicated diseases such as gout.

What causes uric acid

What is it?

Uric acid is a substance naturally produced by the body by degrading other compounds such as DNA and RNA. After the the latter is that uric acid is obtained most of which it is excreted through the urine. For an idea, you have in a day a person can produce up to about 500 milligrams of uric acid and excrete about 80 percent of that amount. With more or less similar parameters, the values ​​considered normal uric acid in the bloodstream range from 4 to 6.5 milligrams per deciliter of blood.

Above these can lead to health problems because the body unable to excrete excess precipitates microscopic crystals of the substance into the joints concentrations. This causes inflammation in these areas and worse can lead to suffering from diseases such as gout or arthritis. It is therefore recommended to foresee excess uric acid especially if you want to enjoy a healthy and enjoyable life.

What does it produce?

In order to provide some degree excess uric acid in the body it is essential to know what causes it and in this regard work as long as the phenomenon can be controlled by our will. Thus we have this substance is naturally produced upon degradation of pureness and sometimes its excess product of genetic or hereditary factors not entirely controllable. However, consumption of foods high in pureness can also favor the increase of uric acid and the emergence of diseases resulting from the phenomenon. In this sense we can act and it is good to know some of the foods whose excessive consumption favors an increase in the substance.

Foods to avoid

Many foods, some of the most delicious and consumed globally have high levels of purines. Then we will see several but the important thing is awareness that in general all foods of the same group as those who will outline here can be considered as risky and favoring the increase of uric acid. Seafood does much harm to those with gout. The reason as few foods other than those already mentioned, contribute to increased uric acid in the blood. They contain high levels of purines, which as we have stressed is broken down in the bloodstream as the substance in question in this article.

Home Remedies for uric acid

In addition to limit consumption of foods that favor, uric acid can be controlled or compensated from several home remedies.


Speaking of potassium must say that eating bananas and other foods rich in this mineral much can help keep at bay and reduce uric acid. This is because the potassium provides for the formation of crystals of the dangerous substance reason besides pretend to be chimpanzees we can create and consume more prepared based on bananas.