The left flank pain plays a recurring role rather be in women than in men. This problem can occur for several and varied reasons and in some cases may represent diseases rather annoying, that’s why is very important to immediately verify the cause and groped to solve the problem. In other cases, the flank pain may occur for certain positions that usually assume or even to sudden movements. Go on, then, to read this simple and interesting guide to discover some of the causes of pain in the left hip.

Obviously, the flank pain that occurs on the left side of the human body may relate to several important areas of it, such as kidney, liver, colon, bladder, spleen and other parts still, that’s why you need to consult a doctor specialist who will prescribe specific tests to determine the cause of your discomfort, especially if it is perpetually present. The tests that the doctor usually prescribes to identify the cause of your ailment in his left side are the examination of complete, an examination of the urine and in severe cases and may prescribe specific abdominal ultrasound or an x-ray that interests the spinal area.


In some cases, the left flank pain can occur after having played a pretty intense sports training, especially if the person concerned is not in top form, and then out of shape. This annoying symptom, is often linked to an infection which concerns the urinary tract, so the pain is manifested at various times for increasingly prolonged periods, thus creating a suffering that should not be overlooked and underestimated in any case, as it may become chronic damage other neighboring areas, which in some severe cases can occur even with the presence of blood in the urine .

Furthermore, in some cases it may also happen that the causes of these pains related to the left side can manifest themselves in different areas from those genuinely interested, in fact in this case the area that hurts can be a bit ‘distant organ that is causing malaise. What can lead to such a disorder, in addition to above causes, concerns an accumulation of gas in the intestine resulting in swelling and pain, which in many cases appears to be particularly intense and annoying, but easily solved.