A difference of infertility, infertility refers to a physical condition temporary, compared to one of the two partners, which does not allow the conception. Specifically, we will see in this tutorial what are the causes of female infertility, starting from the general ones until you get to the ovary. So even if you are interested in this topic and want to learn more, please read carefully the contents of this guide.

The main causes are global. Within this category there are both psychological factors that diseases related to the thyroid and kidneys. In this regard are altered regulation mechanisms of the body, mechanisms that are usually offset by hormonal assays including FSH, LH and protactinium.


The second category concerns the so-called ovarian causes . In this regard must be highlighted such as polycystic ovary syndrome, menopause and ovarian cancer. Ovarian cysts are just like those that lead to most of the problems related to infertility and therefore to conception .

The third group concerns the uterine causes. It is in most cases related alterations of the uterus that can be either congenital nature that metrication. About endometriosis, it is a disease that affects women in reproductive age and that can get to prevent the meeting of egg and sperm .

We also find the causes of vaginal type. Also known by the name of vulva-vaginal, these factors make the sperm inactive or impotent when accessing the cervical canal. Very often refers to the production of mucus that makes them unfit for the production of sperm.

Must also be cited causes tubal or peritoneal. This definition includes alterations, obstructions or lesions of the fallopian tubes. From the name of the anatomist Italian Gabriele tubes, it is those tubular organs that connect the ovaries to the uterus, organs involved physically in the passage of sperm and therefore linked to the reproductive capacity of women.

Finally, we find the Almanack syndrome. It is a disease that describes the failure of the ovaries and is linked to the absence of puberty is that the lack of hypothalamic hormone production.