The kids, you know, have particularly sensitive skin , and then the latter must be adequately protected in the winter season than the summer; with proper precautions, you can make face any inconvenience caused by skin infections. In the following lines you will be given a set of guidelines of what to do in case of presence of processes inflammatory.

The foremost matter to observe is strictly hygiene, which must be especially accurate, specially when it comes to kids, this is the first major deterrent for any character of skin infection. Happens when a lesion on the skin is well to observe carefully disinfected to prevent the bacteria spread to the surrounding regions and try to sympathize when it appeared, in what place and in what conditions.


Among the various forms of infection to the first places there that fungal: it shows the characteristic alopecia or with scaly skin; the car is with the use of antifungal creams to be spread on the affected area several times a day. Another very common infection in children, especially in summer, is impetigo which may occur with or without bubbles, the latter has a resolution independent, while that in the presence of bubbles should be treated with medication and antibiotic ointments. Among infants, but often also among the older ones can present the “thrush” or oral candidiasis: it has small white spots on the tongue and in the mouth. Are cured with oral rinses and antifungal suspension.

Then there are warts that occur due to skin trauma and should be treated with salicylic acid ointments. At sea, are very frequent bites tracing and those of jellyfish; the first to be treated in this way: as the heart stops the spread of toxins from the venom, wet a cloth with very warm water and dab the affected area. As for bites jellyfish: clean with seawater, then with water and bicarbonate, and finally with ointment, cream or gel based on aluminum chloride, element very effective for this kind of infections. All this should not make you cease to live your kids outdoors and exposed to the sun, remember that the sun sets the vitamin D in bone and that the air and the sea are good for your health and your little ones.