It may happen at times, to be in an emergency situation and not knowing how to behave. The airway obstruction is certainly a situation that can create those who are involved in anxiety and panic. It is therefore important when you find yourself in this situation, keep your cool and cold-blooded remedy and especially in the most shortest time possible. In this guide we will look at it how to behave in case of airway obstruction.

For one thing, after having freed the victim from constrictive clothing such as for example the tie or the collar too tight, you have to inspect the oral cavity, the mouth of the person in question. The advice is to use the latex gloves when inspecting the mouth of the victim, paying attention not to push the obstruction down. It is important to use if he has the opportunity, a small pile or a light source to focus on the obstacle, if you detect the obstacle, grasp firmly and pull it out in one shot. Different is instead the case in which the obstacle is not present in the mouth of the victim, but lower than the mouth. In this case we must ask the patient to cough to expel spontaneously due to blocking.


If the patient is unable to cough to expel the obstructive element, you have to ask yourself behind the victim , hug her from behind, put his hands at his stomach and exert strong pressure for several times. This causes the expulsion of a sudden obstructive element, so that the victim can return quickly to breathe. If instead the patient is unconscious, having immediately called for help, it’s good to lay it on the ground, lift and hyper-extend his jaw so as not to fall within the language, which would cause further aggravation obstruction. Important also bend laterally also the head of the victim, so that if you were to check vomiting, may be thrown outside, into the position to wait for the arrival of relief previously stressed, without losing sight of the overall condition of the victim.

The advice in these cases is to prevent too many people will cluster around the victim that can increase the sense of panic and anxiety that the person is feeling. Avoid abrupt movements and meaningless that could drastically affect the situation, it is also appropriate if we crowded public places to ask if there is the presence of a competent person about which doctor or nurse. Surely in these cases, security and timeliness are the items that can save the life of a person.