Research found that a combined treatment with hyperbaric oxygenation that diet and managed to prolong the survival of mice with metastases.

A combination of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and nontoxic ketogenic diet effectively increased the survival time in an aggressive cancer metastasized, as the result of a research model mice. The study, released June 5 in the publication PLoS One, was conducted by a research team Hyperbaric Biomedical Research Laboratory at the University of South Florida, USA and directed by Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology at the University.

Ketogenic diet for cancer

It is not the first time that relates the action of a ketogenic diet in the fight against cancer. Indeed, it is considered that the key is how cells get their energy, rather than a specific diet, the ketogenic here, you can modify. Recall that the ketogenic diet is based on generating a situation of “citosis”, generate a state similar to be fasting. This is achieved by energy restriction and restriction of foods rich in carbohydrates, these are the primary biological forms of energy storage for fuel cells.


The restriction in carbohydrates will make you consume foods rich in protein and fat. This is why a ketogenic diet (like the Atkins diet) requires a physiological change in substrate utilization from energy obtained from glucose to fatty acids and ketone bodies. Normal healthy cells are easily adapted to using ketone bodies for fuel, but the cancer cells lack such flexibility metabolic and therefore become susceptible to reduction in the availability of glucose.

Combined with hyperbaric oxygenation Application

Tumors but also have low oxygen areas, which promotes tumor growth and metastatic spread. hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing 100 percent oxygen, at high barometric pressure, oxygen saturating tumors. When properly administered, both the KD and the hyperbaric oxygen therapy are not toxic and may even protect healthy tissues while at the same time damage cancer cells.