It has been shown that broccoli, flax oil, some cereals and garlic in preventing and combating various types of tumors.

Much progress has been made recently in the knowledge that associate a healthy balanced diet with decreased risk of cancer. It is known that a diet low in fat and industrial products, and rich in fruits, vegetables and cereals acts as an effective protection. So in nutrition research confirms that the more dietary ingredients including vegetables, are more protected from cancer cells and tissues, which is called oncoprotectora diet.


Cruciferous vegetables against lung cancer

Regular consumption of vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, reduce the risk of lung cancer Especially when the genetic makeup predisposes to suffer. Cruciferous vegetables have high levels of isothiocyanates, which have specific protective properties against lung cancer.

Garlic against carcinogens cooking

When you cook eggs and meat at high temperatures releases a chemical called PhIP, which may modify some of the body and generate substances that cause cancer or DNA damage. Against this, garlic is good protector for the presence of diallyl sulfide or DAS, which appears to inhibit the effects of PhIP, as shown in recent studies of the American Association for Cancer Research, Baltimore, USA.

Breast cancer: olive oil and flax

In Italy, Greece and Spain have been studies that confirm that a 25% lower risk of breast cancer in women who consume large quantities of virgin olive oil, unlike those who consume other types of oil or grease. The same applies to the linseed oil, other food that promotes hormonal balance and reduces the risk of breast cancer. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, prostaglandins combat excess type 2, which have high propensity to accumulate in the breast ducts and promote neoplastic processes of the breast.

The vegetable diet prostate cancer

A diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits and vegetables, helps to stop the process when prostate cancer returns and helps in delaying the progression of the disease. Lowering the level of stress reduction techniques like meditation, yoga or tai-chi, can help too.

The Moores UCSD Cancer Center in La Jolla, California, USA found that patients who changed their diet for six months, managed to slow the rate of increase in prostate specific antigen, or PSA. Some even reduced the level of PSA. In this sense it became clear that a vegetarian diet can be another way of reducing the spread of prostate cancer recurring, associated with the Western diet, excessive animal protein and low in vegetables. This diet would accelerate the progression of cancer.

Become aware of the diet

It is important that media such as medicine and consumers begin to realize the importance of balancing diet, sometimes for lack of time is poor in nutrients and high in fats and sugars empty. You can eat a healthier without compromising taste.