Adult male circumcision is a procedure that can be done in several different ways, depending on the results that are desired. Many men wonder whether or not it is possible to have a circumcision performed that is both high and loose circumcision. And what the benefits and drawbacks of this choice might be.

To start, it should be understood that this is not a contradiction of terms, providing that you do not have phimosis (tightness of the end of the foreskin) or any active inflammation or chronic irritation or tears of the foreskin especially during erections or retraction for daily hygiene. The only reason I would not elect to do “high and loose” is if you have a phimosis or tightening of your foreskin at the tip, you risk paraphimosis.

loose circumcision

When we say “loose circumcision”, it means we want to leave an abundance of distal skin. But if that skin is inflamed better to remove it rather than have recurrence of tears, etc. Also keep in mind the inner skin is the portal through which HIV infection gets into your body, so while we do normally leave some, it’s important to take this information into your consideration.

When we say “high circumcision”, it means when you are standing and your penis is flaccid, the incision line is closer to the pubis (higher up). If the closure is high, this means we will be removing a good portion of outer skin which is cornified, meaning HIV viruses do not easily come through this layer. A very high circumcision close to the base of the penis is not a good idea because there will be appreciable swelling below for several weeks if not few months. The lymphatic injury is greater and the delicate lymph vessels need more time to reconstitute. Would you settle for an incision that’s half way up your shaft?

When you are seen at the office we will pre-mark your skin with a plastic surgery pen, for your approval. We aim to please but would not do anything surgery that has predictable adverse effects or complications.

-Thanks a lot for reading my article “Can You Perform a High and Loose Circumcision?”. Hope read and enjoy!