Among the many cosmetic surgery procedures, without a doubt one of the most popular is breast augmentation. Let’s look at its pros and cons.

The cosmetic surgery Breast augmentation is one of the most popular and aims to improve the appearance of the breast in size, shape and suspension. In recent years it has become popular at all in the world and diversified both prosthetic materials and procedures.


Cosmetic surgery should not be taken lightly

It is increasingly common knowledge that many of our friends or relatives have had this surgery with excellent results and less time required rest. This has led many people think is simple and requires no further discussion before making a decision. However, even a facelift, we must not forget that it is still surgery and all implications and options should be thoroughly studied previously the hands of our surgeon confidence.

Before the operation

Firstly it is important to note that before this surgery be enjoyed perfect health, there are a number of routine tests to be made to the patient by the surgeon when deemed fit to undergo the surgical procedure. Besides physical examination, one of the most important points in mind the doctor when a patient intervention is that it knows the real scope and limitations of the procedure and body. In this way you will not have false expectations about the results.

¤ Once you’ve made the decision to have surgery, you should not feel pressured. Take time to discuss any concerns with your doctor, be guided by him, for it is he who knows what options and procedures to accomplish in you the best result.
¤ Build trust with your doctor. Do not feel you have to make decisions alone, he can help, guide, he knows how to get the best results.
¤ The volume of prosthesis, Form, material that are made, where will be implemented and a lot of details must be studied and discussed with your surgeon.
¤ It is essential to be informed about all advances and possibilities in this type of surgery.

Types of prostheses

Currently there are two types of prostheses universally accepted, because it has been demonstrated to be safe. These saline implants and silicone gel. There are also two types of wrappers for these prostheses: smooth and textured. The latter are the most used since they make the capsular retraction is much less common. Consult your doctor the most appropriate type of prosthesis for you.

Pre and post operative care

Before undergoing the operation is advisable to use moisturizing creams to prepare the skin to stretch which will be submitted. Learn all about care postoperative necessary, which will be key to recovery: the massages help the body adapt prosthesis, avoiding breast encapsulation contribute to their normal shift and get a closer texture and appearance to that of natural breasts. Nor should they forget about other issues to consider as non-exposure to the sun, rest and avoid heavy lifting or even handle.