On 4 February is World Day Against Cancer, but the emergence of a new type of this disease is finally eradicated away.

On 4 February each year marks the World Day Against Cancer in order to promote awareness of the disease in all its manifestations, because it is the leading cause of death worldwide, as says the World Health Organization (WHO). The joint effort by public and private agencies, foundations, and an innumerable number of people in favor of prevention and early detection of disease, has managed to reap its fruits offering a better quality of life for patients and their families, but the lifestyle in constant changes of the average citizen could generate new manifestations of the disease.


A new type of cancer

According to experts in the U.S., breast implants may cause a rare type of cancer known as Anaplastic large cell lymphoma, Which attacks the lymph nodes and tissues abuse that grow around the implant and the scar capsule. According to studies published between 1997 and 2010 scientists from the Food and Drug Administration, for its acronym in English, FDA identified 34 women with breast implants that were positive in studies for the detection of this rare cancer.

Only 60 cases of this kind have been published around the world, according to the FDA, can hardly check the figures because some reports could be duplicated and not all cases have been registered.

Signs to identify the disease:

¤ Pain in the breast where the implant is placed.
¤ Swelling.
¤ Lumps, unusual fullness and / or puckering.
¤ Changes in skin texture.
¤ Nipple discharge.

The recommendations are:

¤ Self-testing and regular visual touch.
¤ Maintain strict medical control with a health professional, qualified and certified after plastic surgery.
¤ Request a copy to the plastic surgeon with detailed information on prosthetic implants, as this provides valuable information should be required for future medical exams, preventive or not.
¤ In case of questions or changes regarding breast implants, just go to the physician or health institution.

The best Ambulatory Chemotherapy Unit in Latin America

In a clear sign of commitment that exists in Venezuela for treatment, prevention and cancer control, on January 23, 2011 was inaugurated in Carabobo state, the Ambulatory Chemotherapy Unit Oncology Hospital “Dr. Miguel Perez Carreno”, According to the state governor Henrique Salas Feo, the unit was equipped with all necessary equipment and tools to make it one of the best in Latin America, where he made more than one month after chemotherapy for reopening.

The science and technology continue their progress in finding definitive solutions for this disease appear to be far from appearing, but it’s up to people to make effective lifestyle changes that allow a real improvement in the quality of life that lead to the eradication of cancer in the world.