Breast cancer, which can be asymptomatic, may affect 1 in 18 Spanish women in the future. Having healthy habits to help prevent it.

The breast cancer is the mass reproduction of malignant cells found in the mammary gland. All cells in the body regenerate and reproduce, however, do evil without restraint, and multiply degenerate into the tumor.


There are several types of breast cancer: It may be ductal (located in the connecting pipes), lobular carcinoma (located in the glands that make breast tissue) and IBC (the least common. It comes with a red and swollen breast) . Breast cancer may go through several stages involving, from lowest to highest, a serious tumor incidence. These stages range from 0 to 4, the latter being the most serious and which metastasize.

The metastasis is the location of cancer cells in other parts of the body, it produced by cancer in the breast. Lymphatic metastasis may be (issued by the malignant cells are localized breast cancer in the lymph nodes) or distant (located in other parts or organs of the body). In all cases, malignant cells that cause breast cancer metastasis travel through the blood.

Risk Factors

Risk factors are very important, both breast cancer and in other cancers, as some of them are preventable. They can be:

¤ Early menstruation.
¤ Nulliparity (zero pregnancies).
¤ Menopause ejaculation.
¤ First pregnancy after age thirty.
¤ Genetic predisposition (in few cases. It is often more relevant when there are two cases in young patients of the same family).
¤ Smoking.
¤ Unbalanced diet.
¤ Stress.
¤ Endocrine disorders resulting from prolonged exposure to the above factors.


Breast cancer may be asymptomatic. Hence it is of utmost importance conducting regular self-exams. The woman knows her body better than anyone, so it will be the first to perceive if there are any new lump did not have before.

Still, in some cases the cancer may have:

¤ Lumps under the skin, with or without pain.
¤ Redness of the breast.
¤ Inflamed breast.
¤ Irritated, strained or different color.
¤ Sore nipples that sink or fluid secreted


There are different treatments that help to overcome and even cure breast cancer. Surgery (mastectomy with removal of the breast, or lumpectomy with removal of the cancer cells in underarm and / or breast) is the ultimate backup. If proposing the removal of tumors only intervene if there is no guarantee that your chest is good, with adequate size and shape. If what is done is a mastectomy, assessing the possibility of leaving the pectoral muscles intact for subsequent breast implants.

Other techniques include chemotherapy (Attack the tumor with drugs), radiotherapy (signals are radiating the tumor. They can also affect healthy cells) and, perhaps most importantly, the Monoclonal antibody therapy. Antibody therapy performed similar work that meets our agency in the fight against viruses.
The antibody used in this therapy is Herceptin, which acts similarly to natural antibodies to attack tumor cells that have the HER2 protein in excess, and prevented from multiplying. The Trastuzumab acts, provided that an excess of HER2 in early breast cancer metatasico.

Given the condition of breast cancer, the most important thing is to follow the instructions of the doctors, have a good moral disposition, and above all, not to be affected by the sadness and fear. It is proven that women who are willing not to give cancer survivors more easily and quickly than those who are not.