The breast cancer is a disease that will affect more women in the next 10 years. There are many reasons that can cause and there are many therapies that we can continue both to diagnose and to cure. Although no longer a cancer with new therapies and earlier diagnosis, 90% of women are saved and can retain 75% smooth chest. The breast cancer next to skin cancer , is one of the cancers that women suffer most. It usually affects women between 45 and 55 years, but will vary according to each woman and the causes that have led. Among the causes are three distinct groups:

Causes of breast cancer

Smoking : It has been shown that women who smoke have a much higher percentage of contracting the disease than nonsmokers.

Lifestyle : Lifestyle is another important factor in the prevention of this cancer. A balanced diet, not drinking alcohol or other drugs and avoid obesity, are some of the tips we can help prevent cancer .

Genetics : Genetics is the third factor that is taken into account when diagnosed with breast cancer. It is easier for a woman to this disease in the family if there have been other cases of cancer than in those with no history.



The diagnosis of breast cancer is usually because the woman finds a lump in the breast that is not normal, or because the nipple starts to invest. These are clear signs of developing one of these cancers, so it is important that we always do exploration or self-exams at home to be able to notice any lumps or an abnormality in the breast. Remember that having control over our bodies allow us to find any lump or tumor that leaves us.

Once women see that there is a lump that is not normal, you should contact your doctor, who will examine you and assess initially the lump. If the doctor thinks there may be signs of cancer, we will send to us a mammogram , an x-ray test similar to that seen in everything in the chest. The breast is made ​​up of glands and fat, so if there is a lump of cancer, this will be clearly seen in this test.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Treatment of breast cancer will be a function of women, the severity of this and the medical assessment. It is normal to start with a treatment to eliminate the effect on our body and then carried out the chemotherapy to cover the lump and enable their removal. Depending on the size of the cancer, women may keep the whole breast, a part of this or we lose. But there are a prosthesis for these cases in which not even notice that the woman has gone through a cancer and lost a breast.