There are things we definitely cannot control, like the country, we were born in the year we came into the world and even more the family we are part of. They are things that we took for granted and that we accept as they are. We also had no voice or vote when choosing our eye color our skin color or our stature.

breast cancer signs

This was defined by genes which in addition bring with them other surprises such as the predisposition to contract certain diseases such as breast cancer for example. If your mother, grandmother or aunt had breast cancer, chances are that you are more likely to have breast cancer. In addition, the passage of the years increases the odds.

However, as this these are things that NO can be controlled, why do you care? Rather focus on what YES you can do to prevent breast cancer. You can take measures that are within your reach and have to do with your lifestyle. Are you interested in knowing how?

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption: There is a correlation between alcohol consumption and breast cancer. Wine, beer, vodka, there is no difference. The key is to avoid drinking one drink a day or eliminate it. Try to stay at your ideal weight and exercise: Obesity is a risk factor for breast cancer especially when you gain weight after menopause. If you exercise regularly, you can have a healthy weight and therefore prevent breast cancer. Try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. Remember that walking doing aerobics, swimming, biking also helps keep bones strong.

Eat Healthy: A low-fat diet is excellent for preventing breast cancer. It also helps prevent other diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. In addition, if this were not enough eating healthy helps you stay at your ideal weight that is it is doubly beneficial to prevent breast cancer.

The HRT may also slightly increase the risk of breast cancer, but some women benefit from taking a low dose of hormones during menopause for a limited time when your symptoms are severe especially at the beginning of menopause. This is something you should talk to your doctor. What I recommend is that you always take them under medical supervision and not because they tell you that they are natural you let them prescribe for people without the credentials to even in creams.

Many women ask me if there is anything, they can do about their genetic predisposition. There is also a blood test that can be done (BRCA) but doing it if it comes out positive, can having implications and it is best to have it analyzed by a geneticist who is the specialist. Do not wait to start putting them into practice. Remember that prevention is the only thing we can do to control the chances of developing the disease.