From covering your meals in salt to eating late at night, we are all responsible for making a few unhealthy eating choices from time to time. However, when these practices become habitual, they can be dangerous to your health and so it is important that you address them head-on. This post will provide you with four top tips on how to break your bad eating habits.


  1. Deal with a reliance on unhealthy foods

Many people rely on a daily basis on certain foods and drinks to make them feel happier, more alert and more energetic. Unfortunately, the food and drinks that we depend on for these purposes tend to be sugary, salty or contain caffeine. If you eat a lot of ingredients like this, you may experience cravings when attempting to reduce your intake that could set you back. As is the case when you are trying to give up anything your body or mind has become used to, it’s important to get support and advice. Make an appointment with you primary care physician to discuss your diet. It’s never a good idea to cut out anything suddenly. Your doctor may come up with a plan of action on how you can gradually reduce your intake, and he or she may provide you with advice on how to deal with cravings.

  1. Make healthy swaps

If you are in the habit of eating desserts, grazing on unhealthy treats, or drinking sugary beverages, don’t assume that you will be deprived of treats completely. Rather, find healthy replacements. For example, instead of a slice of apple pie for dessert, opt for a salad of delicious and fresh fruits such as pineapple, mango and coconut. If you like to nibble throughout the day, enjoy a packet of dried fruit and nuts as a healthy snack, or some raw veg and dips. There are many more ideas for healthy swaps available here.

  1. Shop online

Shopping online can help you to avoid the temptation of buying unhealthy foods. When grocery shopping in a store, you will have to walk past aisles of tempting treats and deals before you get to the things you actually need. Shopping online is much less problematic. By entering your shopping list into the search, you can straight to the things you need and bypass all the temptations.


  1. Set goals

When trying to kick bad habits, it’s always a good idea to be organised. Just taking it as it comes is a bit dangerous and can lead to setbacks. Set yourself some realistic goals. For example, if your bad habit is eating late at night, try to bring your meal-times back by 5 minutes each evening, until you reach an ideal time. If you want to reduce your intake of sugary snacks, try going three or four days eating healthy alternatives and then have a treat on the fourth or fifth day. Eventually, you will reduce your reliance on these sugary foods.

It’s over to you now. Good luck!