Why is the holistic approach of body, mind and spirit so important to our healing and health maintenance?

For many people it is an intuitive self-evident that health is associated with harmony of body, mind and soul. However, there are also many people who are aware of its still not aware of. But before we go into the harmonic triad of body, mind and soul, we should first of all clarify what we mean in the simplest sense, the terms body and soul.

Our human body, a universe in itself

The human body consists of trillions of cells. These cells combine to form organs such as heart and lung liver. And these bodies united again to organ systems such as our cardiovascular system, the respiratory system or digestive system. Our human body is in its construction has a small universe in itself, no wonder that to understand his disease and cure, is already in itself a major challenge. The human body is repeatedly compared with a vase, which serves as a vessel for spirit and soul.

The human mind, the center of our understanding

The human mind is still the medical science always mystified. He tried to explain the interaction of billions of nerve cells in our brain. The human mind are associated skills such as perception, attention, association, or thinking, or our memory. Diseases of the mind to make himself felt as such long-lasting memory, thinking, or disorientation, delusions, hallucinations.


The human soul, the world of our feelings

The human soul is sometimes in front of us a lot more obscure than the human mind. Medically it is also assumed in our nervous system, mainly in the so-called limbic system than our emotional center. Components of the limbic system are attributed to the cerebrum and our other mid-brain. Roughly speaking, we believe in our large brain and nerve function in our conscious our unconscious, the brain stem autonomic functions. If you will, our emotional center lies exactly in between. Diseases of our souls, is as noticeable as a longer-lasting depression or anxiety disorders.

How does our body, mind and soul?

Our mind needs information from our environment. Information we receive with our senses. We see with our eyes, hear with our ears, smell with our nose, taste with our tongue and feel with our skin. They are now saying maybe this is trivial. But sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are too little attention. Images, sounds, odors, heat, and more are in our bodies transformed to nervous stimuli, transported to the brain and interpreted there.

And now how our body affects our feelings? The aforementioned stimuli signals pass through on their way to our conscious perception in the cerebral our limbic system. Now when we hover at risk, for example, just before an accident driving a car, then is generated in our center of feeling a sense of fear. In this case, an important signal that mobilizes our bodies to manage that risk.

How does our mind body and soul?

It would be fatal if not with our minds, we could at least partially control our bodies. We would not be able to speak or move. In our spirit forms induce a will and our voluntary muscle nerve impulses to move.Our minds but also affects our soul. If we interpret a situation of our environment to be positive, our limbic system then generates a feeling of contentment or even happiness.

How does our soul to the body and mind?

What happens when fear? We often talk about the “fight or flight syndrome”. Our body secretes adrenaline, as a result of our accelerated heart beat, our blood vessels are made narrower and our bronchi dilate. We may begin to tremble and sweat. Our body is put into a state of high motivation.What happens in our mind? Our spirit is alive, our thoughts begin to circulate, we focus ourselves to the danger. We are looking frantically for solutions. Sometimes the fear makes us dizzy or clumsy, but also in thinking.

Body, mind and soul a harmonious triad for our health

Why I’m faced with this ? We find ourselves in stressful situations every day and have experienced all the above many times. Probably from the banal fact found that these relationships we are when it comes to our health, are very often unaware. If we suffer, we suffer more in body and soul. Body, mind and soul are inextricably linked and it would be fatal for us if it were not so. There is no one-way streets between these areas or locked doors.

Let’s get this again from a disease such as a bacterial infection of the bronchial tubes naturally. The bronchial mucous membrane become inflamed due to bacterial infection. In the drawings, depending on the severity of physical symptoms such as cough, mucus, pain such as burning and soreness, possibly fever, fatigue, headaches. Unfortunately it is not there. If we are sick, we feel good and maybe not the thought process we may also fall harder than usual.

What I am getting at? The good news is that these links open in both directions. If we now have a physical illness first strikes again and thinking mind, we can provide our bodies in all three areas helping to tackle this disease and to heal himself spiritually, mentally and physically. The same is true for diseases that manifest themselves only to mentally or emotionally. Use all the way to recovery and health maintenance.