The blood sugar refers to glucose level of a person. People suffering from diabetes are unable to maintain a stable level of blood sugar and often require medication to remain healthy, well be eating a balanced diet. A high level of blood sugar is usually more than 160 mg / dL and a person with a chronic problem is considered hyperglycemic. The long-term complications of hyperglycemia include eye diseases and kidney, an attack cardiac and stroke, but a high glucose level may be dangerous in any amount of time.

There is a way to reduce your blood sugar quickly, so it is important to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and follow your doctor’s instructions regarding insulin or other medicines you might need. There are different types of cells are studied to determine the right diabetes stem cells treatment. If you are interested to learn patients suffering from diabetes, embryonic stem cells and others could provides right information about Unique Cell Treatment Clinic.

blood sugar quickly


1. Check for signs that your blood sugar is high. You should begin treatment immediately if you are increasingly thirsty or urinate more than normal, your mouth or skin are dry, you are fatigued, experiencing blurred vision, you’ve lost weight or noticed that you contract infections easily or it takes longer to heal wounds.

2. Drink water or take your insulin, if you have not. If you have taken your daily medication and your levels are high, track your diet and recent activity to determine what may have caused the elevation. Contact your doctor if your blood glucose does not decrease by itself.

3. Check your urine for ketones (test strips can be purchased at a pharmacy, and usually do not require a prescription) if your blood sugar is over 240 mg / ml, and notify your doctor if they are present. Be sure to keep track of all your vitals so you can tell the doctor.