Hard to believe, but true: The Microsoft Foundation has launched a competition with the goal to create the “next generation” of condoms

Two very venerable institutions deal with a matter that you two hardly trusts – but it happens to be fact: Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and the richest man in the world with an estimated fortune of more than 70 billion dollars, with its foundation searching for the condom of the future. And the “New York Times” is dedicated to this fact a detailed article, written by Pam Belluck. In a statement from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the project is referred to as a “grand challenge”, a big challenge. The goal is “to develop the next generation of condoms, which are likely to get the sexual pleasure or to enhance significantly.”

Over 500 proposals and improvements are discussed. For the winners this fall $ 100,000 available, ultimately, the foundation has provided one million dollars for the unusual competition available. The Foundation has received so far by Gates and Microsoft almost 30 billion dollars. It is especially devoted to health projects – worldwide.


President Obama on the condom

The search for a new generation of condoms is especially medically justified: only five percent of men use condoms, and every year suffer from the most dangerous sexually transmitted disease AIDS (HIV, human immunodeficiency virus) 2.5 million people. Stephen Ward from the Gates Foundation explains: “A lower sexual pleasure is typical of the negative attitude, which is why we have to ask: Can we make condoms are not popular is exactly what we intend.” Jeff players from the U.S. Agency for International Development agrees with the Microsoft representative: “I have Bill Gates congratulated for this initiative for years I hope to have better condoms, to those that do not restrict the pleasure can be more beautiful rather have sex. as sex without a condom. “

Indian surgeons Venkate Alla Reddy referred player as the “Leonardo da Vinci of condoms” because the models as “Pleasure Plus” and “Twisted Pleasure” has developed. These and a hundred other places condom by the way, as an indication of the “New York Times” are described in the Internet shop “Condomania”. Since there are condoms with different flavors. Banana and bubble gum to be especially popular. Under the category “Celebrity Condoms” that “Obama Condoms Stimulus Package” is offered – each of these condoms contain a portrait of the U.S. president.

Amy and Max are condom tester

With this all-American nonsense, Bill Gates and his foundation of the competition nothing to do. The founder of Microsoft, wants to increase the number of men who use a condom during sexual intercourse. Thus, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases could be contained, so that could also be – both incidentally mostly with an emphasis on developing countries – to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

New condom models must of course be tested. In California, you do so Amy and Max are both 26 years old and 18 months since a couple. “We speak of` sex `for science,” Amy is quoted in the “New York Times”. Each condom has to be tested many times. They take their job very seriously, Max explains: “Immediately after sex, the appropriate forms will be filled out for if we` then `fall asleep immediately, we might have the next morning forgot important.”. To answer many questions: Was it comfortable, as was the pulled over, it slipped, ripped it, it hurt, how was the sex as a whole, as the orgasm?