The compulsive use of smartphones, and PC games often hidden emotional needs that may seriously harm the quality of life.

If you feel that you or a family is obsessed with new technologies, such as video games , smart phones ( smartphones ) and long sessions of connection to Internet , which led to the abandonment of family and friends, neglect of job functions, as well as the deterioration of their own personal hygiene and health, it’s time to go to a psychologist it may suffer from an addiction technology. Miranda Migdelys Rondon, a psychologist member of the Board of Directors of the Venezuelan Society of Health Psychology (Sovepssa) and addictions expert says that addiction is anything that the individual can not control, which becomes a compulsive behavior . “One thing to be addicted and quite another to do something very often,” he says. “If a person, adds Miranda Migdelys Rondon-certain behavior will begin to affect their social, labor or any other field we can speak of an addiction . In the case of technological addiction we can classify it as a psycho disease, which affects quality of life of sufferers. ”

Without my Smartphone I’m nothing

The bottom line is that the person “aware” of their condition and apply the necessary corrections. “Many times this type of addiction hides other things, is what we call dual diagnosis . There are cases of very introverted when they connect are completely different, reflecting the personality shortcomings that have in the real world. In cases like this, we must strengthen their ability to interact outside of computers, cell phones or video games, “said Miranda Rondon.


He added that family members and friends can support those affected, inviting them to gain rewards beyond those found in their long daily sessions in the virtual world, “going out, having contact with other people, take courses and other activities is it recommended “. Suggests at least not face head on the person, but rather remind you of what is being lost. Add the psychologist during the treatment, people suffering from ” withdrawal “, which translates into a compulsive need to reconnect. “It is very similar to what happens with drug addictions.”

Watch out for DSI and PSP

Miranda Migdelys Rondon, believes that parents should pay special attention while your children spend on video consoles and new technologies in general. “Everything in excess is bad, have to limit the connection time and video games. They should also prevent children and adolescents have computers in their rooms, because that way you can not track the pages you visit. ” Clarifies that one should not deprive the young of these tools, “we can not see the Internet and other technologies as something negative, but be well-defined rules.”

The dawn of nomofobia

The explosion of technology that humanity has lived for the past 20 years has brought new diseases to humans. This applies to the nomofobia , which is not simply the irrational fear of leaving home without your mobile phone. This is an abbreviation of “non-mobile-phone phobia,” he concluded that came after a study by the post office in the UK in 2011, which revealed that nearly 53% of mobile phone users, when they can not use your phone, suffer a stress level similar to that there could be a day before a wedding or during a visit to the dentist.