Ever since we are born, we used to live by using all five senses to the fullest. When one of these fails, or there is a decrease in performance, problems can arise. The sight and hearing are the senses that allow us to relate to others in everyday life every day, and their decay will undoubtedly uncomfortable. If the total deafness the science has not yet found a solution for cases of mild hearing loss and deafness can use the prosthesis. These prostheses, commonly known as hearing aids, allow to return to normal from the point of view of hearing. In the next steps are a few tips on how best to use the hearing aid.

hearing aid

There are many companies that manufacture hearing aids, customized according to the size of deafness. Go to one of the many specialized centers in hearing aids allows you to find the one suited to the specific case. In some of these centers you can try the device in a completely free for a few days then finalization or not buying. Each individual device has the special operating mode, mode, which can be illustrated by the experts or the package insert of the product.

Sometimes the devices can cause annoyance or not work very well. One case is that in which certain sounds are not perceptible, while others are even amplified. In these cases you should not tamper with the device, but it should go to the dealer that will solve the problem.

A correct use of the hearing aid is also about the care and maintenance of the same. Lately hearing aids are made ​​smaller, so as to be almost imperceptible interlocutor. Must therefore be handled with care the device in order to avoid damaging it or even break it. For these reasons, when not in use, the hearing aid should be stored in its case (included with purchase) and out of reach of children.

Before handling the device should wash their hands thoroughly to prevent dirt from accumulating. Furthermore, the hearing aid should not come into contact with water and humidity. Must therefore be removed before bathing or showering.