Feeling good about the appearance of one need not be an ordeal you just have to find a suitable regimen that works for you. Surely, you know all these beauty tips complicated involving a large expenditure of time and products that often do not have at hand and harm our health as long as they win a fresh look.


Before going to sleep

If you suffer from dark circles or have puffy eyes due to fatigue, before going to sleep leaves two spoons in the fridge. Carefully apply them to get up on bags to reduce inflammation. Keep your bed with a glass of water and take it any more awakening. In addition to reactivate, your metabolism will help with bad breath that is left from the night before. You can chew some mint leaves or cilantro if you suffer from this problem and issue resolved.

It is also normal to wake up to have the hair of a lion to improve their appearance makes a very natural mask with coconut oil and yogurt. Spread it all over your hair, massage, leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse the hair. This way your hair is much easier to untangle the next few days.

Cold shower to start the day

A hot shower numbed and damage your hair, bathe waking with a cool shower to activate circulation , tone the skin, relieve muscle aches and relieve varicose veins. A cool shower will also help to wake up and start the day with much more energy.

Caring for your hair

It is our custom to get up, bathe and wash your hair immediately with any product. Most products for washing the hair contain chemicals that damage our hair and also dries, causes the appearance of dandruff forcing you to wash again and further damage your hair over and over again. Try buying any hair product that does not contain any sodium if you want a really healthy and great hair.

Problems with oily hair

If you have very oily hair is important NOT to wash frequently. Having oily hair is a symptom of excessive washing, be patient and wash twice a week, although the ideal is one. You will notice at first more fat, but then your scalp will be balanced.

To treat dry skin

Do not spend on expensive creams and moisturizing lotions. Go to the nearest market and buy some coconuts, then mash the pulp, blend and strain all to apply the liquid on your skin before sleeping, you’ll notice the difference in less than a week. Remember that the best way to moisturize the skin is to apply a touch of moisturizing lotion immediately after showering while the skin is still slightly damp.

Problems with acne

If this is your worst enemy and always go back to your PMS, apply natural yogurt every night and sleeps with him. Remove it the next day I wake up, notice nothing as their acids, and will help to eliminate the problem and nourish your skin leaving it even healthier.


If you work in a somewhat hostile environment for hands, and then apply a spoonful of sugar exfoliate your hands and enjoy the softness. For facial skin, it is best to exfoliate with oats or with a small amount of sugar as this may irritate the skin.